Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Amazon Sheds Light on the Kindle

Those that love the Kindle Touch and Kindle 3G are about to be a bit happier with their Kindles. It is estimated that Amazon will release new versions of the Kindle Touch and 3G that will have a front-lit display. This is a major leap forward for those that like the E Ink display.

In the past, the Kindle Touch and 3G owner's only option was to purchase a case or attach a book light to your Kindle. Some cases even fried the e-readers due to their need to be plugged directly into the Kindle. Thankfully that won't be a problem with the new technology.

The front-lit display is said to use very little energy, though it will have some impact on battery life. Regardless, this is big news and even better news is that it's estimated that the price of the new Kindle Touch and Kindle 3G will remain the same or only increase by $10 or less.

The new Kindle e-readers are expected to hit Amazon in July. Are you going to purchase a Kindle now that you can enjoy E Ink technology and read in the dark?

Photo by Atirador

1 comment:

  1. Oh sure, now that I finally got a Kindle Touch they will do this! LOL That is part of the reason I also have the Fire. The Touch is great for when I am outside and the Fire is great at night. When all else fails, I also have my Droid. :-)


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