Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Girl and Her Kindle Needs Your Support

While I would like to say that pixies break into my home each evening and create the content for A Girl and Her Kindle, that's just not true. Unfortunately, no magical creatures have helped to make the blog a success or do any of the work. I, however, spend 15-20 hours per week searching out great freebies and other useful Kindle related content. If you've ever ran a blog, you know that ads don't generate a lot of income. In fact, the blog has made a whopping $3 since it started a little over two months ago. That's why I'm asking for your support.

A Girl and Her Kindle is now available for subscription on Amazon. What does this mean for the reader? It means that you can enjoy all of A Girl and Kindle's blog posts delivered directly to your Kindle for only $0.99 a month. Of that $0.99, I will only receive 30%. This would still go a long way in helping me spend more time on the blog. If you're not interested in subscribing, or don't have a supported device, you can always make a donation through PayPal (see link on the right side).

There will be lots of great content coming in the next few months thanks to additional features. Here's just a glimpse of what's to come:

App of the Day
MP3 or Album of the Day
Indie Author Interviews
Monthly Giveaway

Thanks for your time and helping make this crazy dream of mine a reality. Until next time, happy reading!

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