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Interview with Desiree Finkbeiner: Author of the Ethos Series

When did you begin writing?

I’ve been writing and illustrating since grade school. My mother had kept dozens of my little books in her keepsake chest, and we got them out a few years ago to share a laugh. Though, in the beginning I was more interested in art and poetry, entering my work in shows and contests. I won certificates and awards all through grade school, middle school and high school but most of them were for my art. I wrote my first middle-grade, fantasy chapter book of approx 30,000 words at age 12. So that's when I really became interested in writing.

What genres do you write?

Fantasy mostly. Especially urban fantasy/paranormal romance/action
adventure... but I've also been working on some sci-fi steampunk.

Who do you imagine you're telling a story to as you write?

I actually imagine myself in the story, interacting with the other
characters. It helps make it more realistic for me and provides a
great escape. I hope that others also enjoy the escape my worlds

What's your latest book about?

In short, it’s written in first person, from the heroine’s
perspective. She’s a normal college girl until she has an accident
that warrants a trip to the hospital. Her injuries heal quickly and
her lab results are off the charts. It’s a mystery as to why bizarre
happenings are overshadowing her, until Kalen, the hero, enters the

He reveals to her an ancient prophecy that transcends time and the
planes of existence, challenging her take on reality, and Brianna is
thrust into a race for her life. With the balance of their worlds at
stake, Kalen takes Brianna to his world, where he can better protect
her… unanswered questions would be addressed by the council that
resides in the mountain cities of Ethos, so they take up their

During their trek to the mountains, they undergo a series of trials,
and find themselves facing the ultimate choice. Throughout their
perilous adventure, they are tempted by forbidden love, knowing they
can never be together, but it’s that same temptation that leads them
to find their greatest strengths.

It’s a story about integrity, duty, agency and self mastery. I wanted
to write something that would teach a moral, inspired by an apparent
lack in action by the people of today. People everywhere seem
complacent, and the liberty of those same people is on the brink of
destruction. My series is a call to action; to act or be acted upon.
It’s about choice, the very thing that makes us superior beings… and
the same element that can ultimately lead to destruction, if not
exercised wisely.

Which authors inspire you?

My favorite authors have changed over the years and continue to
change as new books come out and my perspectives change. Some select
favorites: Frank Herbert, Anne Rice, J.R.R. Tolkien… But scripture
has influenced my writing more than anything.

What's your favorite book?

Scriptures are my favorite, I read them every day.

Why did you choose independent publishing?

Hydra Publications is a small press out of Indiana. When I sent Ethos
out, I got three offers with a couple weeks. But the family-like
atmosphere at Hydra sold me. I enjoy the friendships I've made there
with the other authors and the owners were super cool people.

What one piece of advice would you offer other indie authors?

Whether you go the route of self-publishing or going with a small indie
press, relationships are king. Establishing lasting friendships with
other authors, bloggers and readers is vital to your success. Keep an
open mind and always strive for professionalism. I've already met
some authors out there who wear such big heads that they come across
as crass and snooty. Nobody likes to work with stuck-up high hats. Be
yourself, be humble and always appreciate small victories. They add
up, and your network will grow faster by being kind and giving than
by only plugging your own work every where you go.

Most people view self-promotion as spammy and annoying. There's a
time and place for everything, so avoid overdoing it. Start by
praising other people for their efforts and it will come around full
circle. ...and most of all, keep creating!

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