Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wuthering Frights (Dulcie O'Neil Book 4) by HP Mallory - KBOD

Wuthering Frights (Dulcie O'Neil Book 4) by HP Mallory
$3.99 (5/1/2012)

A father she never knew existed,
An impossible decision that had to be made,
A lie she must keep to herself at all costs,
And the realization that every choice she makes has consequences.

Fairy and law enforcement agent, Dulcie O'Neil has just discovered that her father is the Head of the Netherworld, and a double-dealing, illegal potions importer. Worse yet, she's now working for him.

Knight Vander, Dulcie's boyfriend and Head of the Association of Netherworld Creatures is on to her father, but, in the process, will he discover Dulcie's secret? And if he does, will it mean his life?

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