Wednesday, June 6, 2012

3 Free Kindle Books About Ghosts for Teens

Destiny's Dwellers by DC Daugherty

When fifteen-year-old Destin Shaw dies in a car accident, he finds himself alone in an afterlife where the living can’t see or hear him. But before he has time to accept his fate, he encounters another dead teenager, Jillian, on a snowy, country road. Destin reluctantly follows her for what she claims is the next phase of his existence.

Soon Jillian initiates Destin into the Dwellers—deceased children who help living people die without painful memories. In time, he welcomes his new reality and family, and he learns more about life than when he was actually alive.

But the Dwellers hide their own dark secrets of a past now told in ghost stories—tales of murder, betrayal and sacrifice. To make matters worse, something evil is lurking in the shadows. If Destin decides to pursue the truth, he will risk paying the ultimate price.

His existence.

Jane Doe by J.T. Kellerman

Adopted from India as an infant, Jane Watts doesn't really match the rest of whitebread Waverly, Indiana- especially not since she started shaving half her head, and wearing a shroud.

Harboring renewed feelings for the boy who broke her heart the year before, Jane finds herself at odds with her best friends. Lori Campanella has decided to cash in her V card in the back of her boyfriend's van, slightly-trashy Nic Holliday has decided it's a great time to start sneaking around with coffee baristas, and virgin-til-marriage Gaby Sutter holds them together until they start keeping secrets from themselves, and each other.

A perpetual underachiever, everybody's cover story, and nobody's number one, no wonder Jane befriends a dead girl- a Jane Doe that has all of Waverly talking.

But it's what happens after popular Lissa Knox goes missing that changes everything.

Secrets, lies, sex and death- Waverly, Indiana probably isn't the place you go when you want to be important, but it's the only place Jane's ever been.

Perpetual Night by Georgina Morales

A NEW novel from Georgina Morales.

"Lilibeth is a sweet fifteen-year-old with a great relationship with her Mom but recently she's been plagued by nightmares. When her dreams start to permeate her everyday activities she wonders about her grip on reality. Every nightmare becomes more frightening and ominous figures follow her during day; will she be finally institutionalized by her worried Mother or is it all real and she's about to receive a great gift from beyond?

Perpetual Night is a gripping original and disturbing short novel in all the best of ways."

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