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The Door Is Open by Andrew Cort - KBOD

The Door Is Open by Andrew Cort
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Are all the stories of religion and mythology trying to tell us the same thing? That's what Andrew Cort believes and in his book The Door Is Open, he discusses how all these stories are about finding enlightenment. It's a book that is sure to interest anyone with a passion for religion.

What do the wonderful myths of ancient Greece, the beautiful stories in the Bible and Qur’an, and all the sacred stories from traditions around the world, have in common?

They open our hearts to wonder, mystery, passion, and joy.

I know, on the outside these stories seem very different, confusing, conflicting, and often violent and divisive.

But when read symbolically and internally, they are all telling the same story. They show us the path of spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

Sometimes the story is called “Returning to the Promised Land”.

Sometimes it’s called “Seeking the Holy Grail”.

Sometimes it’s called “Persephone’s Return to Olympus.”

But whatever it’s called, the inner meaning and purpose is always the same. The stories are all a call to awaken, to live passionately and consciously, and to enter the door that leads to enlightenment and communion with the divine.

The door is always open. The light is always ready to receive us. But we have to learn how to tread the path!

Fortunately, that’s what all the sacred stories are really about.

THE DOOR IS OPEN uncovers the 7 Universal Steps that are found within the symbols and allegories of all great mythology and scripture.

Each chapter ends with a series of practical and enjoyable spiritual exercises and activities. You can do this work on your own, or together with a group. It could be a church or synagogue group, a book club, a classroom, or any group of friends who want to get together and expand their spiritual horizons.

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