Friday, July 27, 2012

How to Read Kindle Books Without a Kindle

With the popularity of the Kindle Fire and other Kindles, it can be surprising to find someone who has not yet purchased one. But not owning a Kindle doesn't mean that free Kindle books or any Kindle books are off limits. In fact, Amazon makes it as easy as possible for anyone interested in reading ebooks to use the MOBI format for the Kindle.

Kindle for the PC

While Amazon would clearly prefer that its users spring for an actual Kindle, the price of the e-reader may keep some people from purchasing one. Those who are considering buying one, but have never experienced an e-reader might want to try it out first.  The free Kindle application for the PC allows the reader to use any Windows compatible computer as their e-reader.

This feature is particularly nice for individuals who don't want to add another electronic gadget to their household, but want the convenience of reading Kindle books. One note of warning: This does not truly approximate the feeling of reading on a Kindle Touch or Kindle Fire. It seems a bit like reading a PDF file, but with the library all in one place. However, it does allow for some of the Kindle features, including bookmarking and word look up.

Kindle for Android

Any phone or tablet that uses the Android operating system is compatible with the Kindle application. Again, this is a free download that allows you to take Kindle books with you wherever you and your tablet or smartphone go. This application is very similar to a Kindle, assuming the phone or tablet has touch screen capabilites. Recent research shows that more readers are using their lunch hour to enjoy an ebook on their phone and Amazon's Kindle for the Android makes that easier.

Kindle for the iPod, iPad, and iPhone

The Kindle application for the iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone makes your gadget much more useful. With the free download from Amazon, or the iTunes Store, an Apple device can be used to read books, newspapers and magazines with the same Whispersync technology featured on the Kindle. There's no need to ever lose your place or exit out of what your reading to clarify a definition. The application has many of the same functions as it does on a Kindle.

The simple reality is that an expensive, or even a cheap, e-reader is not a necessity for reading Kindle books. Amazon has a variety of free programs that make reading possible on just about any portable device.

Download Kindle Applications Here

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