Friday, July 20, 2012

Kindle Fire 2 Launch Date Rumors and More

There are a lot of rumors from unnamed sources hitting the internet about a possible Kindle Fire 2. There's even the claim that the factory making the second generation Kindle Fire has it nearing completion, but the company that could lay the rumors to rest, Amazon, has remained quiet about the new tablet. The company has yet to confirm that the Kindle Fire 2 even exists, much less that it will launch on August 7.

But that hasn't kept tech websites and other organizations from speculating on everything from the screen size to what Amazon hopes to accomplish with the new Kindle.

ZDnet and Network World both quote a report by the China Times that manufacturer Qanta will be ready to ship as many as 2 million of the second-generation tablets beginning August 7. They even claim that Amazon will make the official announcement regarding the new Kindle Fire 2 on July 31.

Speculation about the new device has been rampant. Claims indicated the screen for the new ereader could be anywhere from 7 to 10 inches. Others argue that Amazon's announcement last week of the development of its GameCircle was a precursor to the launch of the Kindle Fire 2. 
Though the speculation about the new Kindle Fire 2 remains just that at this time, there are many people banking on the idea that the new tablet models will further boost sales for the Fire. quotes industry analysts as predicting Amazon will sell 14.9 million units in 2012, an increase from the previously predicted 12 million, based largely on the existence of a new model or models.

One of the prevalent rumors is that the Kindle Fire 2 is everything that Amazon hoped to have in the first Kindle Fire, but couldn't get together in time for the original release date. Rumors include a quad-core Tegra processor that would make the second generation 500% faster than the first generation, the larger screen and better handheld gaming functions. However, analysts warn that if the rumors about the Tegra processor are correct, the second generation Kindle Fire may also come with a hefty price increase.

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