Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Birds of Lore - Help Fund the Project

Birds of Lore is a project that is underway, but is sure to be a masterpiece when it's done. The authors/illustrators of the book are asking for help to finish the project and you could make that happen. You can donate as little as $5 or $750 (or more). In return, the authors will give you something to say thanks. Depending on how much you donate to the project, you could receive emailed images of some of the first completed illustrations or you might receive a t-shirt and copy of the book. Here's a bit more about the project:

Birds of Lore

My wife and I met in art school, and have been drawing and finishing illustration professionally, side by side, ever since...but we've never really worked together on a book.

While we love and appreciate our long list of clients, we have always pined to finish an illustrated book that entwined our ideas and set our imagination completely free. The years passed, and there was little time to work on the notion without a possible way to pay the bills in the meantime, as we knew our dream collaboration would take months of hard work. The hard reality is, ideas do not pay, even with some or most of the art work squeezed in here and there. What we need is a way to concentrate and muscle-through the entire production, and finish our little masterpiece once and for all.

The funding will go toward around 100 pages, at least (if not many more), of highly finished, highly polished, original illustration and interesting and informative (myth-wise) short stories about each bird creature. One third is planned for the design, printing and editing, plus, fair compensation for the 4 guest illustrators we plan to bring in, and another 1/4 for marketing the release and preparing digital versions, etc.

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