Monday, September 24, 2012

Rise Up and Salute the Sun by Suzy Kassem

Rise Up and Salute the Sun by Suzy Kassem
$9.99 - 9/24/2012

Like Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist, Rise Up and Salute the Sun takes the reader on a magical journey towards discovering the soul of one's existence.

From her ancestral homeland of Egypt to 7th Street in New York City, Suzy Kassem's hypnotic imagination transports readers into a mystical place filled with wisdom and infinite wonder -- a place where a little Egyptian girl can converse with the Sphinx about morality, where an ordinary house mouse trapped under the floorboards of a senior center in Jersey can dream about exploring fields beyond his ordinary limits, and where a young woman named Peace can still crave a caramel apple from Coney Island -- while confined to the lonely hotel rooftop from which she leapt to her death many lifetimes ago.

With over twenty-one illustrations and a hundred delicate compositions of short stories, parables, poetry, and timely lessons that speak to the heart, this beautiful work of art makes an incredible gift for anyone seeking enlightenment and inspiration.

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