Saturday, September 15, 2012

Tainted Chains by Jess Lawren

Tainted Chains by Jess Lawren
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A true fantasy that combines epic adventure with whimsy. If you long for the fantasies of long ago with rich detail and well-developed characters, Tainted Chains is a must-read.

Amrim was always obedient to the master. This loyalty and absolute faith was not given by choice, though.

The master gave Amrim and countless other automatons the power to break free from their bonds to humanity.

In exchange, they merely had to spread death and destruction in his name, starting first with the humans that had colonized almost every reach of the Solar system.

But all that changed when the humans showed they could repel the master’s chaotic hordes.

Amrim hurtled through the timeless expanses of the void as the master bid him to.

Amrim’s journey finally brought him to the magical lands of Viziloth, where mages, knights and necromancers all exist in a single plane of reality.

A hitch to the master’s plan, however, unexpectedly cut Amrim off from his influence.

Now Amrim is stuck with a young necromancer half-frightened out of her wits and half-obsessed for revenge.

He killed the congregation of necromancers she held dear, brought about her ire and worst of all was stripped of the power and influence of the master.

He was effectively learning to live all over again, this time bound to this girl named Astatoria Balnay. But one question kept running through his mind: what will he do now?

How will an agent of the master, an agent that knew only death and destruction, learn to co-exist with a young necromancer? Why has he been rendered impotent and unable to summon forth the aether he once wielded with great efficiency?

What will he do when the master finally wants to take back control and destroy everything that Amrim had come to care for?

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