Thursday, October 25, 2012

Scared: Ten Tales of Horror Review

Scared: The Tales of Horror

With less than a week until Halloween, it's time to break out those creepy books that will help put a chill in your bones. Whether you're afraid of small spaces or witches, Scared offers ten great tales that will spook you without the need for too much blood and gore.

I was really impressed with this collection. While there was one story I had to skip over, most of the stories were page-turners. I especially loved Out of Order by Karen Heard, Life in Miniature by Tracie McBride, and You Have One Message by Jonathan Broughton. I found You Have One Message to be especially creepy because it focuses on such a modern fear.

Scared offers such a diversity of subjects that there is something that almost everyone will find creepy within the pages. However, just be aware that these stories can have a lasting impact. I'm still shuddering over You Have One Message.

I give this collection 4.5 stars. It was one of the best horror collections I've read. With only one story that didn't capture my interest, I was extremely impressed. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a good scare this Halloween.

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