Thursday, November 29, 2012

20XX by Charles Mead

20XX by Charles Mead
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What if our financial world crumbled? What if money was worthless and if the date no longer mattered? In 20XX, there's more to life than money and marking off dates. With a world in financial ruin, the only thing that matters is survival. Add a craft crashing to Earth and things are bound to get worse.

Nobody was really sure what the current year was. After the global systemic financial collapse in the second decade of the 21st century there was absolute chaos worldwide. Survival was the number one priority, not keeping up with the calendar. Paper money was worthless as it was backed by nothing at all.

Groups of survivors quickly formed as did immense distrust of anyone from government promising things they simply couldn’t deliver.

Two of the survivors in one community were Zac Kennedy, a former aeronautical engineer and his best friend Mark Livermore a mechanical engineer. They move to North Carolina's Outer Banks islands "on loan" to repair aircraft and life appeared to be getting back to normal, that is until some craft fell from the sky.

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