Wednesday, December 12, 2012

About the Kindle FreeTime App

Parents have a new option to let their children play safely on the Kindle Fire, with parental controls to determine what they can do and access. The new Kindle FreeTime Unlimited app has a one month trial available with the purchase of new Kindle Fire. After that, subscription service starts at just $2.99 a month for Prime members.

So what's so cool about the FreeTime app? Just about everything. Designed for children ages 3 to 8, the program brings together parent-approved kid-friendly materials on a specialized carousel just for your child. Have several kids that will be using the same tablet? No problem. Amazon designed the FreeTime to include up to six different individualized profiles. The cost for multiple kids is still under $7 a month for Prime members. For non-members, the multi-child option is $10 a month.

For that price, parents get an individualized program with age-appropriate materials for their child. Each profile can be customized with free materials or pre-purchased materials selected by the parents. When FreeTime is active, parents can use the parental controls to designate how much time children can spend on any specific activity.

For example, children might be given unlimited ability to read books, but limited to just half an hour of videos and game play. Each type of activity, from reading books to using apps, has a separate parental control, so parents can allow children plenty of reading time and not find out later that he's been playing Angry Birds instead.

The customized carousel for each child features videos, television programs, educational games, books and more that are just right for that child. If parents want children to have access to other materials, parents can use their password to add other things to the child's profile.

One of the best features of the FreeTime program is that the Kindle Fire's web browser and purchasing abilities are disabled when FreeTime is active. Better yet, children cannot leave the program and go explore other areas on the Kindle without having the proper exit password.

The program is designed for times when parents need to be able to allow their child access to the Kindle Fire, for entertainment or reading purposes, but want to be able to control the child's activities without constantly monitoring him or her. The FreeTime app is already downloaded on new Kindle Fires and comes with a free month-long trial. After that, parents can choose to buy the program on a month-to-month basis.

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