Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Lipstick and Lies by Debbie Viggiano - FREEBIE

Lipstick and Lies by Debbie Viggiano
FREE - 12/5/2012

41-year old Cassandra Mackerel is loved up and happily re-married to new husband Jamie. Together they have a ready-made family and a six month old baby boy. Juggling her own children with step-children and an infant is both hectic and stressful, especially with a mother-in-law who seems to have taken up permanent residence.

Cass has a strong support system in friend and new mum Morag – who is the fourth Mrs Harding with more step-children she can keep up with – and also old neighbour and great pal Nell who has a baby girl.

Rising to the challenge of a second marriage and the emotional baggage that comes with it is tough. The last thing Cass needs is the reappearance of husband Jamie’s ex-girlfriend Selina. Gorgeous and glamorous but utterly unstable, Selina once stalked Cass and contrived to split her and Jamie up. And now Selina is engaged to Jamie’s business partner, Ethan Fareham. Seemingly it is appalling coincidence.

Cass can’t shake the feeling that Selina is up to her old tricks. Except this time, if Selina has her way, she’ll split Cass and Jamie up permanently. Because this time it’s murder...

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