Friday, December 21, 2012

Marne of the Vampire Kind by Paige Ryan - FREEBIE

Marne of the Vampire Kind by Paige Ryan
FREE - December 21st and 22nd

What is a vampire of the Kind?  AnnaMaria knows better than most.  But her past and present become entangled when her Adept stumbles upon Marne, the legendary lost child of the Kind.   Finding her should have been cause for celebration, except she's seriously injured.   It's bad enough that Marne's companion doesn't like people, but things get worse when AnnaMaria discovers Marne's being chased by a vampire hunter with malevolence on his one track mind.   Now AnnaMaria must solve the mystery surrounding them before it plunges them all into danger.   In this first book of a new vampire series, AnnaMaria must remember the past, unravel the present, and even consult the dead before a web of deceit becomes the death of them all. 

The Kind can die.  Will they survive?

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