Monday, December 24, 2012

Menopause Joy by Melinda Richards

Menopause Joy by Melinda Richards
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Menopause Joy makes you see menopause relief in a totally new way. It shows you that menopause is a transition to freedom of the wise woman. It gives you quick, easy to use solutions for all the problems of menopause and all the emotional issues you may also be dealing with at this time. Using the integrative model of care, it addresses all that is you, physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual and provides down to earth solutions to restore you to wholeness. It is highly recommended for every woman that is seeking total insightful solution for all menopause issues. In this book you will discover how Dr. Melinda Richards has helped over twenty thousand women get rid of menopause symptoms and feel young again. She says it is menopause solutions made easy and rewarding for you.
Dr. Melinda Richards, as a renowned physician, has really written the most up-to-date guide covering all aspects of menopause.
You will find out if you are experiencing menopause, and gain insight and information about
Stopping your hot flashes in 10 days or less.
Secrets that will help your skin glow again.
Supplements and vitamins that will banish all your menopause symptoms for good.
Secrets that will revive your sex life after menopause.
How to secure the products that will help you.
Plus you will arm yourself with all the information to keep you happy and healthy for the rest of your life. An amazing read. Plus this is the first book in the series all designed to bring you wellness and joy.

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