Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Touch (Book 1 of the Vampire Love Bytes Series) by V P Walker

Touch (Book 1 of the Vampire Love Bytes Series) by V P Walker
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Do you think all vampires are the same? Think again. Touch is the beginning of a five book series that proves that some vampires have more in mind that the typical blood sucking we've become accustomed to. Told from the point of view of vampire Valerie Price, Touch is a unique spin on the vampire genre that will leave you want more.

In this 1st story, Touch, of the Vampire Love Bytes series enter the paranormal world of Valerie Price, an extraordinary vampire that belongs to a special species of vampires who bites for a special purpose unlike the usual vampires that you know. Allow her to enchant you by drawing you into her intimate world as she addresses and talks to you directly, treating you like her favourite audience and brings you on a tour of her life. Participate in her life story, see her special powers and let her touch your heart like the way she touches the humans in the story.

Giving you a fresh perspective of vampires, this is a story and a story series that can be climaxingly suspenseful yet leaves you feeling heart warmingly touched, sweetly surprised and breathlessly mesmerized.

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