Friday, December 28, 2012

Witchy, Witchy by Penelope King - FREEBIE

Witchy, Witchy, by Penelope King
FREE - 12/28/2012

"Love, mystery, danger and magic all rolled into one really remarkable story! I flew thru this book in one sitting! Hurry up and please release the next book! I'm so excited! Thank you for letting me escape in magic for a little while."  (5/5 stars) Lauren, Goodreads

"I was enthralled within a couple of pages, and ready to rock along with this story, which only gets better as it rolls along...Once again, I can recommend a don't miss novel. Get this one, settle in and relax, and prepare to enjoy yourself immensely!"  (5/5 stars)  Mallory Anne-Marie, Goodreads

                     Introducing book #1 in the enchanting Spellbound trilogy...

     When Calista McCoy moves from the slums of the Louisiana Bayou to an illustrious beach community in California, she knows her life is going to take a drastic turn. But once she arrives at the beautiful mansion by the sea, dark secrets are revealed...secrets that become even more complicated when she meets the gorgeous neighbor boy, Nicholas, and she feels an unexplainable--and undeniable--attraction.

     Her new life seems almost too good to be true. But as everyone knows, when something seems too good to be true, it usually is.

     ...And in Calista's case, it could be deadly.

Witchy, Witchy is a full length paranormal romance novel. Book #2 in the Spellbound trilogy, Kiss the Crystal Sun, is now available.

                      What other readers are saying about Witchy, Witchy...

"I gave this book 5 stars! I loved it. I loved how long of an e-book it was, I couldn't put it down! The story line was great, the writing was great & it just held my interest all the way to the end. I was teetering on how the guys would end up. Can NOT wait to read #2 in the series." Michelle, Goodreads

"This book made me absolutely giddy. This is like a supernatural coming of age novel...I couldn't have been more devastated, then when the words stopped and the story ended." (4/5 stars) Katrina - Kindred Dreamheart

"This book was amazing, a real page turner, I couldn't put it down! The only thing that I wish was different was the ending, but non the less, easily one of my favorite books. I can't wait to see what happens next!!" (5/5 stars) Ally, Goodreads

"This is the third book I have read by Penelope King and this one was just as good as the Demonblood Series. She is an imaginative and descriptive writer and I really like her writing style. It is so easy to just fall into the book from the first paragraph.I can't wait for the next in the series, which hopefully is not too far away." Suzanne, Paranormal Book Fan

Fans of The Secret Circle, Twilight, and Charmed will fall in love with the enchanting world of romance and magical intrigue of Witchy, Witchy!

Spellbound #2, Kiss the Crystal Sun, and #3, Dawn of the Morningstar, are both available now!!

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