Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hidden Secrets: Part 1 by Samantha Rindfuss

Hidden Secrets: Part 1 by Samantha Rindfuss

Some of us understand tragedy all too well. When Sophie losses her father, she understands the need Carol has to reunite with her father. But what Carol's asking could cause Sophie to give up her own chance at the afterlife.

*Hidden Secrets: Part 1*

Sixteen year old Sophie, is no stranger to suffering. After the tragic loss of her father, she is sent to live with her beloved Grandmother, who lives two hours away in the small town of Lakewood. Hoping to start over, her grandmother's house isn't the new beginning Sophie was hoping for.

Carol, a sixteen-year-old ghost looking to reunite with her own father, demands Sophie's help in crossing over to the other side and won't stop until she gets what she wants.

As Sophie's health begins to deteriorate, she is forced to make a choice. And the choice she's asked to make, is between her own life and the afterlife.

Hidden Secrets is the first trilogy in the Spirits of Lakewood series. Watch out for Hidden Secrets 2, coming soon!

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