Sunday, February 3, 2013

Interest Rate Solution by Bronson Brice Book Trailer

Interest Rate Solution by Bronson Brice

Saving BIG money on your BIGGEST expense is a lot closer than you think. I’m talking TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars…..or even more.

From this simple little 32 page e-book, you will be better equipped to,
• arm yourself with a crucial detail for your home purchase or refinance,
• rearrange your savings into more productive areas of your household budget,
• find a highly accurate and critical cue, from the news, that will tell you what to expect from interest rates for years to come,
• guide your lender toward the path that’s best for YOU, not for them,
• know where to look for clues to the directions of the general financial markets.

This is a LOT of information from one little book. I know it is. I just believe in delivering huge value to others, just as I much as I enjoy finding it for myself.

By using the process I describe in ‘The Interest Rate Solution’, you’ll know EXACTLY how to do what I did……where I personally saved over $40,000 in the past 9 years by using what I know for my own benefit. My savings are increasing every single month to move this figure higher and higher each year. This is ‘continuous’ benefit, not just a one-time benefit. You might even save a lot more than I did! For that, all you need is to have an even bigger mortgage than I have. Mine was originally $169,000.

It’s just not easy trying to figure this out alone, by watching CNN, or reading between the lines of Federal Reserve notes, or reading through hundreds or thousands of pages of the Wall Street Journal, or in trying to figure out what ‘other’ book or books to buy. You see, I’ve done all this for you. I wrote this little book because I found that knowing the right thing, THEN, determining the right time to apply that knowledge, are two different things.

I could have easily added another 100 pages to this book, just to cover some things that are of equal importance, in terms of saving or creating money. So, why didn’t I? Because I’ve given you enough information for your understanding in just one, very important area, home mortgages. Then, I point you in other directions outside of mortgages, and out of this book, to pursue at your leisure. You’ll find that, in a literal sense, the sky is the limit.

I include a valuable bonus in the middle of the book that could put thousands more in your wallet or purse in the years to come, as well as take the wool away from why things are the way they are about so many things that seem to confound so many people.

This one is a keeper.

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