Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mrs. Rutherford's Big Ash Adventure by Cora Maxine

Mrs. Rutherford's Big Ash Adventure by Cora Maxine
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Mrs. Rutherford has gone up in a puff of smoke – literally. As if the case weren't strange enough, the detectives find out that the old lady had one last request. Join in on the adventure as the men are forced to watch a chick flick, but are rewarded with a joy ride they'll never forget.

Mrs. Rutherford's Big Ash Adventure is the prequel to the Paranormal Homicides series. Built around strange murder cases, the series also contains a healthy dose of humor. If you enjoy crime dramas and the paranormal, chances are you're going to love this series.

"This prequel is the perfect combination of comedy and suspense. It will leave readers wanting more!" - Jody Morse, author of Howl

"Thanks to Cora Maxine's poignant story, Mrs. Rutherford had one last adventure we'd all love to have." Linda Wisdom, national bestselling author

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