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Once Upon Another Time by Rosary McQuestion - FREE

Once Upon Another Time by Rosary McQuestion
FREE - 2/13/2013

A Paranormal Romance/Fantasy Novel

Six years ago, when Aubrey McCory was twenty-eight years old, her fairytale dream of living happily-ever-after ended the day her husband died. Emotionally damaged with an unhealed heart, she sometimes fantasizes about what it would be like to see her husband one last time, like in her favorite movie “Ghost” when Sam said his final goodbye to Molly. Then five days before the seventh anniversary of his death, a glitch in the universe gives Aubrey the psychic ability to hear what people are thinking. And by all accounts, she seems to also have made a psychic connection with the dearly departed – namely her deceased husband.

As fate would have it, she also meets hunky Gavin Donnelly – whom she feels might be the next Mr. Right – and her life becomes topsy-turvy.

Her hippy parents, the Abbie and Anita Hoffman of suburbia, have Aubrey questioning her sanity after they leak a secret that Aunt Millie threw herself off the Brooklyn Bridge after hearing voices. Then there’s the fiasco of Aubrey trying to hold a connection with the dead when her new psychic ability doesn’t come with an instruction manual or tech support. And she can’t lean on her best friend, former debutante Laura Wentworth, who inhabits the heady spheres of society, without looking like a kook.

Aubrey's life was complicated enough before photos rattled off bookshelves and the sound of wind chimes played in her head. Soon she’s juggling a demanding career, a six-year-old son, a freaky spiritualist, and the belief that her husband’s spirit is trying to tell her something of great importance. All while she tries to reclaim her heart and not lose the next love of her life.


Aubrey McCory
People tell Aubrey she looks like a young Elizabeth Taylor. The only resemblance she sees is that she’s had as much bad luck with keeping a boyfriend as Liz had with keeping a husband. And her idiosyncrasy with organization, like products in her cupboard lined up like tin soldiers with labels faced forward and having days-of-the-week underwear is exceeding the breaking point. Yet, she manages to keep it all together as a prominent Providence lawyer, mother to a six-year-old son, and survivor of widowhood. Is it guilt over her husband’s tragic death six years before that brings him back to her? Albeit, in a ghostly form.

Matt McCory
Even in death, his love for Aubrey has no boundaries. But will he be able to really return to her?

Laura Wentworth
Best friends with Aubrey, Laura’s beauty, both face and figure, has caused more whiplashes in the City of Providence than most car accidents have. The same age as Aubrey, she’s also a lawyer, and they work at the same law firm. Although she wants Aubrey to find love, she has her own issues. Having a hefty trust fund and dating only the wealthiest, most eligible bachelors in Providence, doesn’t seem to be getting her anywhere. Will her latest choice of suitors turn out to be the one—or a scoundrel?

Gavin Donnelly
Thirty-two and ridiculously tall, dark, and handsome, he’s a Project Manager for J&J Crew, a construction company located in the same building where Aubrey works. Is it just déjà vu when the first time Gavin sees her, he swears he knows her from someplace? And what’s up with Aubrey having a dream about him before she even meets him? And why does she feel a close connection upon their first meeting? The only thing Gavin is sure of is that he has to win Aubrey’s heart.

Mr. & Mrs. Becker
Known as the Abbie and Anita Hoffman of suburbia, Aubrey’s parents, hippies from the '70s look as if they are stuck in a time warp. They make Aubrey wonder how sane she really is after growing up with parents who invited half-naked people to backyard bonfires, grew alfalfa sprouts in the bathtub, and constantly quoted Zen Buddhism. Will their expertise on parallel universes help Aubrey with the ghost of Matt?

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