Thursday, February 7, 2013

Remedy by Heidi C. Vlach

Remedy by Heidi C. Vlach

After a century of mining, Peregrine is tired. He is an aging dragon who can't hear a simple conversation for himself -- he relies on the help of keen-eared weasel assistants, whom he raises like his own children. But with his two hundred year lifespan, Peregrine has buried four of his dear companions and he will outlive Tillian as well. Convinced that he is robbing Tillian of her brief life, Peregrine resolves to change his profession. He promises himself that he'll set his earferrin free.

On the same day Peregrine takes wing for a messenger job, Rose's village faces an epidemic. Dozens of insect-like people are showing symptoms of gripthia -- and without enough healing magic, they will die. Young and recently hurried into her mage position, Rose can't save her village alone. She sends out a plea for other races to lend their hands. And because Tillian wants to help, Peregrine leaves his other half behind sooner than he ever planned. While innocent people grow sicker, Peregrine wonders whether he can live for himself, whether Tillian wants to live without him, and whether Rose and her villagers will live at all.

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