Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Skinny Sexy Bride Book Trailer

Skinny Sexy Bride: Lose Weight for Your Wedding in One Hour Per Week by Jason Fox
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~~~FREE~~~ Saturday February 16th - Wednesday February 20th!

Skinny Sexy Bride - Lose Weight for Your Wedding in One Hour Per Week

You are never going to be busier than you are when planning a wedding! If you want a supermodel body in a fraction of the time, you need Skinny Sexy Bride.

Have you tried Paleo, Atkins, South Beach, Zumba, P90X, Boot Camps? Are you exhausted yet? There is an easier way to look radiant and lose weight for your wedding without working yourself to death!

Certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist Jason Fox offers unconventional methods to ignite fat loss and supercharge metabolism in record time. He used efficiency principles to eliminate all the waste of traditional fitness programs.

With a focus on healthy eating and natural movements, Fox shows brides how to lose inches and keep sanity during this exciting and hectic time in their lives.

Skinny Sexy Bride is the ultimate fat loss plan for busy brides-to-be.

Brides: if you are planning to starve yourself, follow a fad diet, pay an expensive trainer, or sweat at the gym six days per week, forget it. It won't work. Don't believe the fitness myth that longer workouts produce better results. And don't believe the fitness industry when it tells you to spend your time and money on expensive training, dangerous supplements, gym memberships, grueling classes, or the latest ab-gadget.

You need a simple plan that works with your body and your busy schedule. You need a plan that produces real results in a minimal amount of time. Skinny Sexy Bride will unlock the nutrition and fitness secrets to supercharge your fat loss.

Skinny Sexy Bride's streamlined program includes a few simple food rules, only 1 hour of weekly exercise, and plenty of rest. Brides can safely and painlessly achieve a lean, radiant look in a fraction of the time of most traditional fitness programs.

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