Friday, March 8, 2013

Cowboy Sing Me Home by Kim Hunt Harris Review

Title: Cowboy Sing Me Home
Author: Kim Hunt Harris
Genre: Romance
Pages: 322
Price: $2.99 or FREE for Prime Members

Luke Tanner was a simple man with simple tastes so imagine his surprise when he finds himself falling for a high maintenance woman.

Dusty Rhodes is a high maintenance woman whose seen more cowboys than she cares to count. Cowboys are a dime a dozen, but Luke Tanner does have a nice butt that looks awfully good in blue jeans.

Can these two find common ground in a small town during a big festival that is meant to inspire hope? Will more than rain fall in the small Southern town as the heat levels begin to rise between the two?

I recently had a chance to beta read a manuscript by Kim Hunt Harris and was incredibly impressed. This is an indie author that has great talent. I was pleased to have a chance to review Cowboy Sing Me Home, which was just as well written, though the genre was different. In other words, this is a prolific author that readers of chick lit cannot afford to miss. If you haven't read Kim's work, visit her page on Amazon and download this gem for the weekend. It's filled with comedy, romance, and just enough steam to make this a delightful romance.

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