Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dreamcue America by Dreamcue Staff FREE

Dreamcue America: Fun Broadcasting's Dream Upfront Television
FREE March 21st - March 25th

Join talk show host Goozman and bandleader Roxan as they attend and analyze the scheduled 5-hour DREAM UPFRONT Presentation.

This New York City event highlights the 2012-2013 programming lineup of FUN BROADCASTING, home of the HAPPIEST SHOW on Television. Will Goozman get his questions answered on how to become rich, powerful, and famous? Will he discover the secret to finally becoming Number 1? Or will the evening end up simply becoming…in his words…a total waste?

Transcript contains the event presentation, ongoing live commentary, and the post chat that occurred after the presentation’s official close. For viewers age 12 and older.

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