Monday, March 25, 2013

Glass Dawn - The Adventures of PopNjay by Randy Stahla Book Trailer

Glass Dawn - The Adventures of PopNjay by Randy Stahla

Dr Silane works for the government of Teralon, and is the head of their technology research organization. One of Dr Silane's cyborgs named Captain Black steals a powerful military space craft, and Dr Silane is under suspicion for taking part in this crime. Silane's resistance to the creation of a new government called SPIKE command places his life in jeopardy. The head of the new government, Jinsay Spike, as well as the renegade cyborg, Captain Black, are working in collusion to discredit Dr Silane and frame him for the destruction of Teralon by nuclear war. Dr Silane is forced to run for his life. He flies a ship through a space - time portal to safety and leaves behind the navigation codes necessary for his loyal cyborgs, Jay, Mac, and Jac, to escape as well. From there, they all end up on Earth where their troubles really begin. In a surprise ending, they play a major part in saving Earth from the same fate as their home planet of Teralon.


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