Monday, March 11, 2013

Missing Barbados by Willem Pain

Missing Barbados by Willem Pain

Willem Pain is doing what he does best: creating a mystery that is as much fun as you can have with your clothes on! A straight forward missing person case on the exotic island of Barbados turns out to be anything but straight forward -- with more surprising twists and turns than a snake on crack.
Mystery, Adventure and Humor on Every Page:
Open the “Look Inside” now, where you’ll fall for Susan “Ice” Berg, the “shoot first” owner of the Caribbean Detective Agency, as she finds herself in another awkward situation with her soon to be ex-boyfriend. She is temporarily saved from facing her humiliation by taking on the case of a beautiful missing teenager of British royalty in Barbados.
With no one else available, Susan reluctantly hires her raucous detective employee, Richard “Dutch” Holland, to assist in the case. Dutch is the Vietnam Vet that every man wants to be and every woman wants to be with. He is a tough, free spirit who rubs Susan, as well as most of his acquaintances, the wrong way. Susan doesn’t quite appreciate Dutch’s gung-ho style, so together they are like oil and water, making unraveling the disappearance of the missing teenage royal even more of a challenge as well as an adventure.
Based on an actual event from Barbados history, our woman sleuth and hard-boiled detective take us through the past and present of Barbados where nothing is as it seems. While trying to find the missing girl, Dutch and Susan are hired to find a golden sword, a real relic of history, the actual historical record transcribed in the preface of this book. Entwined within the history of the golden sword and its place in royalty, together they must overcome villains and their own feelings toward each other to right a centuries old wrong and solve the crime.
The colorful characters we meet along the way each bring their own quirks to the story: from Crane Luk, Dutch’s friend from Viet Nam and current sidekick, to Vicky Godown, Dutch’s larger than life girlfriend.
With laughs on every page, the suspense builds as Susan and Dutch confront a potential kidnapping, murder, and more. The action and adventure culminates with the detectives having to make a moral choice, one that results in a surprise bitter-sweet ending for all involved.
If you like historical fiction, or are just considering a Barbados vacation, Missing Barbados is a perfect read while providing a suspenseful action adventure led by a funny female detective and her trusty companions.
So sit back and enjoy the easy and breezy read, full of characters that you will never forget and forever enjoy. Save your money and avoid the jet lag; spend a fun filled holiday with the Caribbean Detective Company. You won’t even miss that sticky sun tan lotion or the sand in your bathing suit!

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