Friday, March 29, 2013

Passive Income Series by Steve Pavlina Review

Title: Passive Income Series by Steve Pavlina
Genre: Self-Help/Business
Pages: 153
Price: $0.99
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

As a freelance writer and independent author, I've had my fair share of experience with passive income. However, I've always made most of my money from active income sources. Whether it was articles I submitted for a one-time payment or gigs I completed through Fiverr, they were mostly one-time payments.

My first experience with passive income came when one of the content sites I wrote for started offering page view bonuses. While I was certainly happy to receive that monthly bonus payment (and still am), I remained focused on the active income. To me, it was easier to do the work and get paid. Passive income was a scary concept that left me worrying about the concept of failure. What if I spent hours, weeks, even months creating something that didn't earn any income. It was horrifying to contemplate.

In September 2012, I published my first short story and then I published another in February of this year. By no means have they been bestsellers, but both have been featured on Top 100 lists on Amazon when I've run free promotions. The point was that I got my feet wet with the process of writing, formatting, and publishing ebooks.

When I was asked to review Passive Income Series by Steve Pavlina, I was interested in the concept of the book and quickly found myself being motivated and inspired to fully embrace passive income. I immediately began work on a new non-fiction book. I had actually started my project before I got to the step-by-step action plan, but I feel that's because I was familiar with ebooks.

I highly recommend this book. Steve Pavlina makes passive income easy to understand and eliminates many of the fears that some people have. If you're ready to earn income, regardless if you're working or not, read this book!

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