Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Super Agents by Arturo Thompson Excerpt

Super Agents by Arturo Thompson
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After the destruction of their home planet, aliens and angels are forced into an uneasy coexistence with humans on Earth. Angels proclaim themselves diplomats working to secure better relations between humans and aliens, but with tensions rising, hopes of peace are fading. When a revenge-driven alien embarks on a quest to annihilate the human race, a lone, idealistic angel must join forces with a human agency whose goals are unclear and a small team of young, powerful but reckless aliens to stop what has become a threat to all the inhabitants of Earth.


Humans give Rachael and Bernard friendly smiles as they walk down the hallway of the fourth floor. Whether the smiles were out of nervousness or genuine, it didn’t matter; it was nice to see something other than hatred for a change.
Bernard glances at Rachael’s emotionless face. “Are you ok?”
Why wouldn’t I be?”
Bernard ends the conversation there. He wasn’t one to pick and pull for information; if she wouldn’t open up to him it made his job that much easier. He really could care less about how anybody felt. He equips his handgun as they reach room 403; the door lies across the hall, a sure sign of forced entry.
Typhus catches sight of the gun being pointed at him. Rachael places her hand on Bernard’s forearm to lower his weapon. “Just let me talk to him first.”
We have nothing to talk about,” Typhus snaps.
Bernard pulls back on his gun, cocking it. “You heard him.” One look from Rachael’s determined eyes stops him from escalating the situation further. Typhus backs away ready for any tricks Rachael may try.
I understand that you’re still upset over how things turned out.” Rachael places her gun on the ground. “But what you’re doing isn’t going to change anything.”
You think I’m upset after what these humans did? I’m infuriated!”
Well you’re not the only one who lost your parents, but you don’t see any of us going on a rampage.”
Typhus laughs at her statement. “I’m not a fool like you.”
Bernard reaches to tear the wire net off of Ace. “I wouldn’t do that.” Ace nods his head forward in the direction of Deadeye. It doesn’t take long for Bernard to spot the barrel of a gun pointed right at him. Deadeye is just waiting for one wrong move.
Ace wiggles a little bit to get some breathing room. “I’ll just make this easy for you two since I have a bad business partner. The virus is in the nightstand.”
The hatred Typhus feels at the moment for Ace is uncontainable. He lets out a deep growl. The virus had been in such a simple location and even though Tech ravaged the entire room he had failed to pull out the drawer on the end table. Tech makes a run for the drawer at the same time as Bernard. As Tech leaps off the bed Bernard grabs him by the neck and flings the slinky alien into the wall. Tech’s face slides down the wall with his body.
Bernard pulls the drawer out; inside lies what they all want. The virus. He immediately grabs it. “Let’s go.” Rachael extends her hand and uses a telekinetic grip to pull the wire off of Ace. She then projects the net at Typhus, but with his razor sharp claws he slices through it and wraps his claw around her neck. She gasps for a breath as he lifts her off the ground.
Deadeye seizes the moment to do what he’s been waiting onkill. He removes the wire burst cartridge and loads in live ammunition.
With the crosshairs on Bernard he pulls the trigger. The bolt slides back on the rifle the second the bullet leaves the chamber.

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