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The Beautiful Ones by Anika Malone Pre-Order

The Beautiful Ones by Anika Malone

About the Book

It’s the eve of their graduation, and best friends Jackie, Renee, and Chan are planning to have one last memorable summer before parting ways. 

Book and street smart Jackie is the one that Renee and Chan look to as their moral compass.  Jackie’s first love Donald already has plans for after high school that doesn’t include her.  In her effort to protect her heart Jackie pushes Donald away.  Jackie’s belief in Donald’s unwavering love for her causes her to behave recklessly.  Will Jackie’s betrayal finally push Donald out of her life forever?
Brassy Chan always dressed in name brands from head to toe.  Some would consider her a brand name whore, and she accepted that title with pride.  Quick to smile at you and say, “But don’t I look good?”  This fiery five-foot-three diva could manipulate any man that she wanted to.  She had no loyalty to any man; she was loyal to the dollar bill.  The only thing that she put above that was her friendship with Jackie, and Renee.   Chan was a good person to have on your side; she was a ride or die chick.  But if you crossed her she would slice your throat, and lick the knife.  Within that pint-sized body came out the most offensive and brass observations.  With no regrets or apologies she put the three of them in jeopardy all the time.  Will Chan talk herself into something that she can’t get them out of? 

Renee was one of the most beautiful girls in the neighborhood. But her low self-esteem had her settling for bottom feeders such as her abusive boyfriend Alex.  Growing up with a drug addicted mother; Renee practically raised herself.  She wasn’t the strongest of the three, but she was a survivor.  Tragically, she displays some of her mother’s addictive tendencies.

The events that occur in this summer will push their friendship to the brink.  Can these three young ladies survive the drama, secrets, betrayal, vengeance, and tragedy that are headed straight towards them?

You can pre-order your E-book today by clicking here.  Chose Pledge #1.

About the Author

Anika Malone, is the author of "10 Minutes Past Too Late" which has been called "an impressive first novel" by Mary Monroe and "a fresh new voice in contemporary fiction" by Tracy Price-Thompson.

She has toured the United States making appearances at the Miami International Book Fair, Baltimore Book Festival, Printers Row Book Fair in Chicago, Humanities Tennessee - Southern Festival of books among others.

Watch for her latest novel in 2013. She lives in Charlotte, NC.

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