Sunday, April 14, 2013

Blood Match by Jessica Miles Review

Title: Blood Match
Author: Jessica Miles
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Price: $2.99 or FREE for Prime Members
Rating: 4 out 5 stars

She's landed the job of her dreams, so why not let her hair down and enjoy a little R&R? Little did Serena know that the one night she decides to let it all hang loose, she'll meet someone important to her future. As her life takes such an abrupt turn, she can't help but enjoy every bit of this new exciting life, but how much excitement can one girl take?

Blood Match by Jessica Miles was a quick read and hard to put down. I loved that the author makes the lead character seem real in her thoughts about what she's experiencing. With that said, I did feel there was a bit of excessive exclamation mark usage. However, I may have only noticed this detail because I'm also a writer and have been taught to use exclamation points sparingly. With that said, I would still recommend this book to those that love paranormal romance, vampires, and deliciously sinful sex scenes.

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