Sunday, April 21, 2013

Kindle Books by Miriam Soumiyè

Today I'm featuring the author Miriam Soumiyè

Thirteen-year-old Lisa approaches her summer vacation at her grandmother’s farmhouse in rural Tennessee with reservations. Is it going to bore her out of her mind? What’s she going to do without her friends from school? What if she cannot chat with her friends on Facebook? Or if her cellphone’s got no signal?

Unexpectedly, a tumble down a hill brings her face to face with country kid E.J. and his Golden Retriever, Scoot. It marks the start of several weeks of fun, magical, touching, and even hilarious experiences, with her motorcycle-riding grandmother and E.J., who becomes a good friend.

Lisa learns about how much happiness there is in sharing the little joys of life with friends and loved ones. In the rolling hills of the Tennessee Valley, E.J. shares with Lisa a very special secret about “his pond”, where he often spent lazy summer days fishing. And to his surprise, Grandma Frasier shows him another secret about the same pond, which neither he nor his father had ever known about. Lisa and E.J. discover how their different talents complement each other so well, and resolve to cooperate when the new school semester begins. Lisa’s newly Facebook- and Internet-savvy grandmother shows her a neat way to achieve her dreams, even when faced with the hectic life of the big city which she was returning to at summer’s end.

Elsie Hollander Series: When the Heart Screams NO!
Genre: Romance/Anthology
Price: $1.99 or FREE for Prime Members

Can the tender yet passionate love Elsie and Dean have had for each other spanning sixteen years be destroyed by the intense romantic intentions of super-efficient, straight-laced, Catholic Phyllis? Does being charitable mean the object of Phyllis’s love is to be shared? Does faith in God translate to suppressing the heart’s desires?

Set in Tennessee, this short story (about 20,000 words) tells about another episode in the life of the utterly ravishing Elsie Hollander. It tells of how she digs deep to be the strength for her beloved husband, one of the richest and most influential men in the world, as he recovers from heart surgery.

Fighting demons of her own and physical scarring from a horrific high-school graduation party of over twenty years past, she plucks up the courage to try to give Dean that which he wants most in the world - a son. Fate transports Elsie—and the reader—through a heady mix of tender love, passionate encounters, unexpected vicious violence ... and death. But ... can bullets really end passion?

Elsie Hollander Series: Unwilling Surrender
Genre: Romance/Anthology
Price: $1.99 or FREE for Prime Members

A former high school graduating class valedictorian has spent the best part of twenty years trying to forget the trauma of events that took place during a graduation party thrown by the rich kids, the events that had left her soul forever scarred.

Elsie, as exceptionally smart as she was alluringly beautiful, had given her heart to her incredibly wealthy, much older, adoring husband, and had built an incredibly fulfilling life around the passion and love they felt for each other.

But Elsie's recurring nightmares never let her forget how she had been brutally robbed forever of the opportunity of bearing her own child. Nor would she forget the vow she had made that fateful night all those years ago ...

Travel with Dean and Elsie Hollander on a rollercoaster ride through a world filled with personal agony, tender romance, big money, rage ... and yes, true passion.

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  1. I have read these books and they are so compelling, fresh and exciting! I can't wait to see the rest in the series!


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