Saturday, May 11, 2013

Guess Who I Pulled Last Night? by Nikki Ashton - FREEBIE

Guess Who I Pulled Last Night? by Nikki Ashton
FREE - 5/11/2013

This funny and charming romance that tells the story of three twenty-something friends and how they cope with the trials and tribulations of life; always finding comfort and loyalty in each other.

Charlotte is scatty and engaging and after having her heart broken 3 years earlier by cheating, Capri driving, Grant she's now looking for love again believing that finding Prince Charming will make her life complete; but is the arrogant but frustratingly sexy Irishman, Niall Devine, that man?

Bets is the glamorous good-time girl and beauty salon owner who secretly yearns to settle down. She is the life and soul of the party with plenty of notches on her bedpost but since flirting with hunky Stuart all summer she wonders if he may be the one that she finally commits to.

Kerry, of the impressive cleavage, is the only of the trio to be married and a mother. She should feel satisfied and content but feels like she's missing out and losing her identity. Suddenly she's turned in to the bitch from hell, alienating all those around her, including Charlotte, Bets and her devoted husband, Kelvin.

This is a charming story focussing on friendship and love, but exploring some difficult and sensitive issues in its course. It has humour and wry observations and some surprises along the way. It will make you laugh out loud, smile, cry and desperate to turn every page.

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