Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hawthorn Inn by Heidi Willard - FREEBIE

Hawthorn Inn (The Catalyst Series Book 1) by Heidi Willard
FREE - 5/19/2013

Jack Erikson doesn't have great expectations when his mother moves them to an old decrepit inn in a town just as musty, but he's unprepared for the oddities that start springing out of the rotten woodwork. New friends introduce him to legends and rumors that have swirled around the inn since time-immemorial, and he finds plenty of proof to believe them as strange noises and twisted shadows stalk the halls.

Worst of all, his estranged grandfather has invited himself to join them at the inn. Creepy doesn't begin to describe that black-cloaked gentleman with the pale skin and weird, ever-constant glasses. Old secrets, mysterious sealed-up rooms and creeping shadows abound as Jack tries to manage his new life at Hawthorn Inn.

Hawthorn Inn is the first in a five novel horror/supernatural thriller series featuring Jack Erikson, a normal teenager with not-so-normal secrets.

Don't forget to check out the other books in the series, all available on Amazon!

Sanctuary (The Catalyst Series: Book #2) - Jack's adventures continue as the inn is prepared for its opening party and rumors of a wild animal haunt the town.
Ghost Woods (The Catalyst Series: Book #3) - More mystery and mayhem as Jack and company find themselves in the thick of strange curses and hidden allies
Chimes of Midnight (The Catalyst Series: Book #4) - Enemies and friends tug at Jack's attention as the stakes get higher.

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