Sunday, May 19, 2013

Salem by Stephanie Batey - FREEBIE

Salem by Stephanie Batey
FREE - 5/19/2013

Things in Alley’s life took a dramatic turn since she left that small town of Leachville, AR.
She went to Houston, TX found the love of her life, Dominique Drake. That life took her across the U.S. to WestChester, PA. And once again she was nearly killed. Now as she plans her wedding with Dominique by her side more problems emerge. But these problems are much bigger than she could ever imagine. Two rival families will come together as one, to protect a forbidden love that was against the rules from the very beginning. An ancient grudge will push the families to figure out who is friend and who is foe.
A new war is coming, but where will it end?
Kara will continue her quest for revenge. A massive killing spree will leave everyone entangled, lives will be lost, new ones created.
When the devil fell for the angel all the rules were changed. New forbidden loves will emerge, destinies will once more change.
Yet one question remains to be answered, “What would you do if everyone you loved was in danger? How far will you go to save them?”
The answer at the end will leave you begging for more. Brandywine was just the beginning of the story. You haven’t seen anything yet………. They reach a whole new chapter of their lives when they enter the Bermuda Triangle to get to their new home. Island Drake

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