Thursday, May 30, 2013

Spiritdell Book 1: Zan and Austin by Dalya Moore - FREEBIE!

Spiritdell Book 1: Zan and Austin by Dalya Moore
FREE - 5/30/2013

"With a satisfying blend of humor and horror, Zan and Austin is a must-read for Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans."
Zan West has a strange power that only works on girls.
He doesn't know why he has this so-called "gift," but it's killing his chances of ever getting a girlfriend.
Then he meets an older girl named Austin, and she's strangely immune to his power. Zan can't see her secrets, but he can't see her future, either. There's something she isn't telling him, and it's driving him mad.
Zan consults a powerful witch who offers him peace of mind in exchange for his power. What he doesn't know is this peace of mind comes with a big, bad heaping of death. The permanent kind.
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy
Series Order:
Spiritdell Book 1: Zan and Austin
Spiritdell Book 2: The Power of the Swarm 

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