Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Matter of Time by John Lamb Review

Title: A Matter Of Time: The science of rhythm and the groove by John Lamb
Author: John Lamb
Genre: How To
Pages: 65
Price: $9.99


Rhythm causes the brain to resonate. A Matter of Time examines the implications of this on our understanding of rhythm and what it means for improving music performance. Everyone has rhythm. The problem is that many people just don't recognize it for what it is.

Lamb, is a professional musician and music educator who holds a B.S. in Biology, Psychology and Music with a Masters in Education. In this concise and fascinating book, he explains in an easy to understand way how the brain resonates with rhythm and why rhythm is best understood in this way. This is a fast read that both musicians and music lovers will enjoy.


I've always wanted to play music and have tried my hand at a few different instruments, but never had the patience. After reading A Matter of Time by John Lamb, I realized that somewhere deep down, I have the ability to create rhythm, I just need to invest more time. I liked that this book included several resources in the form of online videos. With that said, you need to access this book from a Kindle Fire or a computer for the the best results. However, once you've read this book I feel that you'll have a better understanding of music as the author is truly a professional in the fields of music, the human brain, and education.

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