Saturday, June 8, 2013

Expiration Dating by G.T. Marie - FREEBIE

Expiration Dating by G.T. Marie
FREE - 6/8/2013

Twenty-one year-old Dana Marcucci isn’t waiting for marriage to have sex; she just doesn’t want her first time to be with a jerk. Black Beauty, Dana’s first date dress, hasn’t been working her magic as of late. That is, until she met her boyfriend, Anton.

Excited to hand over her trusty v-card, Dana prances into her boyfriend’s apartment only to find him intertwined with a mousy-haired girl wearing nothing but … a scrunchie?

Distraught and upset, Dana confides in her friends, who convince her she’s in fact the lucky one. Dana’s flight to Italy leaves the next morning, whisking her sweatpants-clad butt away to study for a semester in the fashion capitol of the world, thanks to a fortunate scholarship. As a bonus, she’s now single. With a suitcase the size of a small car and a disposable camera to document her male conquests, Dana swears she’ll come back engaged to an Italian Prince with a palace on the sea, the ultimate envy of Anton le’Douche.

Dana’s semester doesn’t kick off with as much glitz and glamour as she hopes; instead, she is stuck with a closet-hijacking roommate, an Italian teacher who may or may not speak English and one too many cheap bottles of wine. Desperate, Dana fears she’ll have to give in and date an American. Almost at her breaking point, she finally meets the Italian of her dreams, a former Gucci model now starting his own shoe line.

Can a handsome American compare to a sexy speaking stud? Dana finds that relationships with an expiration date are trickier to navigate than she expected.

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