Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Family Jewels - A Dix Dodd Mystery by N.L. Wilson Review

Title: Family Jewels - A Dix Dodd Mystery (Dix Dodd Mysteries)
Author: N.L. Wilson
Genre: Mystery - Comedy
Pages: 218
Price: $0.99
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Book Synopsis:

Dix Dodd rides again! This time, to rescue her mother.

A resident of a Florida retirement community, Katt Dodd is a person of interest in not only a rash of jewel thefts, but in the disappearance of her boyfriend, Frankie Morell. Dix, the handsome-as-sin Dylan, and the irrepressible (okay, rude) Mrs. P head to Florida to solve the case of the Family Jewels before Dix's mother gets railroaded.

Of course, hilarious hijinx ensue when Dix goes into the Wildoh Retirement Complex (Motto: We provide the Wild, you supply the Oh!)undercover as Katt's erotica-writing daughter. Multiply the fun when Dylan gets himself hired as the Wildoh's newest employee, a slightly dim-witted security-cum-maintenance man.


It's nice to curl up with a good book that makes you laugh out loud. Family Jewels provides many of those moments. It's also a good mystery that keeps you flipping the pages, but what really keeps you interested is the sexual tension between Dix Dodd and Dylan Foreman. It's almost frustrating to read about their unsatisfying encounters. It's like watching a football game and anxiously awaiting the moment when the ref yells, "Touchdown!" I can't wait to read the next book in the series!

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