Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Legends of Amun Ra by Joshua Silverman Excerpt

The Emerald TabletThere are fundamental principles to which everyone must adhere. One of those is the dichotomy that is innate in the universal architecture. Another is that everything is in a constant state of transformation. Everything is moving somewhere.”
“What do you mean?”
“Well, when you manifest the universe’s energies, you’re causing the ions, atoms, and molecules in the air to vibrate or move at such intensity to make them visible to the human eye. But those atoms are already moving, just at a rate beyond what we can see. Even the life cycle of humans is in a constant state of transformation. We are born, we grow up, we grow old, and we die. Nothing ever really stays the same; it just looks like it does.”
“That is something I definitely understand.”
“If you look closely enough, Leoros, you’ll see that nothing is ever at rest.
Everything is in motion; everything is in a constant circle of life, of becoming and changing. This applies to everything, even death itself. Death is not real, but instead is a birth of a new life. Your body decomposes and feeds into the soil of the ground, producing a new life through the plants. Your spirit will travel the universe until the end of time. So you see, everything is the same, just in different degrees of change. Everything is dual and has its polarity. It has its opposite. There are two sides to everything. Think about this, Leoros. What temperature is hot and what temperature is cold? Doesn’t it matter to different people? One person can be hot and the other cold in the same environment? Heat and cold, they’re the same; the difference is just a matter of degree.”
“But there is hot, like the sun hot!”
“Even that is still a matter of degrees when you compare stars to each other, no? There are hotter stars and colder stars. Here, let me explain it to you like this. Tell me, where does darkness leave off and light begin?”
Leoros remains silent for a minute while he thinks.
“Okay, how about this one: when is something large and when is something small? When is something heavy or light? Hard or soft? Noisy and quiet?”
Leoros laughs at this one. His father always used to tell him to turn down his blaring rock music, but he never thought it was loud enough. Varying degrees of the same thing based on perspective.
“Ah,” chuckles Pythos at Leoros. “You can relate to the sound analogy. But the principle still stands. All things are the same; they are just separated by degrees of perspective.” Pythos’ expression becomes serious. “Now tell me, Leoros, what is the difference between good and evil?”
“Good is what we want to happen, evil is the thing that stops it from happening.”
Pythos expression brightens. “Okay. So you could say that good is helping people and bad is hurting people?”
Leoros thinks on this for a minute. “I guess so, yeah.”
“So by that definition, if what I desire is good, then, by you stopping me from achieving my desire, you are defining yourself as evil. Or, if I’m trying to help someone and you’re trying to stop me from helping them, then you are evil.”
“Then what about the people who think they are helping people by killing others? Are they good because they desire to kill and you are evil for trying to stop them?”
“Well...no...That’s not what I meant exactly.”
Pythos laughs. “I think that’s exactly what you meant. What we define our world as is really all one thing, all the same thing. Our perspective is what changes our opinion. Everything is based on one thing. By whatever name you want to call it, everything, whether physical matter or invisible energy, is all based upon the one thing that created the universe. But the challenge of our lives is to live in balance between those polar opposites, to find that dichotomy. If you can live on the cusp of those polar opposites, between chaos and order, between sanity and insane, between hatred and love, then you will have mastered the physical existence, and that, Leoros, is the key to defeating Osiris.”

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