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The Lost Diadem by Saoirse O'Mara - FREEBIE!

The Lost Diadem - A Rogue's Tale Part 1 by Saoirse O'Mara
FREE (double-check the price in your country)

You never know when you might end up on the other side of the law....

Govin had no clue how much his life would change when he signed up for the City Guard in Davon. A fateful meeting throws him into an adventure he would never have imagined, not even in his wildest dreams, and he is left to fix the mess once known as his life. And if that weren’t enough, there is still a cunning thief to catch….

"Bardon put the quill down and scrutinised his work. The sketch showed a young girl with untidy hair, smart eyes and a cute little nose.
‘A pretty girl,’ he remarked. ‘Too bad she's a thief. She might've grown up to become a beauty, but I doubt she'll live long enough. The streets are rough, and the prison's even rougher.’
Govin felt a pang of guilt."

Meet Govin and Tayla as their friendship begins. Their first meeting doesn't bode well, but when faced with the choice to save themselves or do the right thing, they decide to stand up for each other. Soon, though, things get out of hand and they need help from others. Will they trust the right persons?


‘Did you call for the guard?’ a male voice hissed.
‘But…but…the diadem was stolen! What else should I have done?’ That voice was female, and it carried a pleading note.
Govin was stunned. He was pretty sure he would be in trouble if those people found out he was eavesdropping, but at the same time, he was too curious to leave. Hesitantly, he crept even closer and tried to get a look at the two through the cracked door.
‘Make sure they leave as soon as possible! We deal with this kind of incident amongst ourselves, without the guard.’
Govin heard steps come towards the door and froze. He looked around for a hiding spot, but it was too late. The door opened and an elderly man came out. When he saw Govin, he stopped dead.
‘Who are you? Get off my property at once, or I will teach you not to sneak around in a nobleman’s house! Petty thief!’
Govin thought it best not to argue. He turned and hurried out of the door, around the corner and into the next alley. His face was flushed with embarrassment. Slowly, it dawned on him that he had just been caught eavesdropping by Misan Dagovan, the younger brother of the High Mage. He had recognised the face from a picture in the guard house which showed the High Mage and his family. No wonder the hall of that mansion was overflowing with wealth. Govin shuddered. Mr. Dagovan the Younger really was as intimidating as the whispered rumours said.
He took a deep breath to steady himself. Just when he wanted to move on, something tugged at his belt pouch. Alarmed, he span around and looked into the frightened face of a little girl. Before he could say anything, she ran off and disappeared around a corner. It took him a few moments to realise what had happened. That girl had tried to pickpocket him! He ran to the end of the alley and looked around, but the girl had vanished. The next street was completely empty. Frustrated, he kicked a pebble out of his way. It flew against the opposite house with a loud bang. Govin clapped his hand against his mouth and ducked out of sight.
The door flew open and a woman peeked out. She could see no one so she screamed at the top of her lungs, ‘You think this is funny? I'll show you funny! Come out, coward, and you can feel my frying pan!’

Extreme Measures by Rachel Carrington Excerpt

Extreme Measures by Rachel Carrington

Four years ago Erin’s life changed drastically. Her drug-addicted brother killed her parents, and her marriage disintegrated. Her husband, Matt, an FBI agent, had done his duty when he’d arrested Stuart, but she’d been too caught up in her own grief to allow him to help her move through the shadows of pain.

Now Matt is back, but it isn’t to attempt reconciliation. Her brother has escaped from Attica, and Erin is his next target. Matt will stop Stuart by any means necessary. But Stuart is a desperate man, and desperate men will do anything to get what they want.

Thrown together by treacherous circumstances, Matt and Erin fight a battle to stay alive and possibly figure out how to put the pieces of their destroyed lives back together again.


Matt threw her a scowl over his shoulder. “This isn’t hiding out, Erin. It’s taking precautionary measures to ensure your safety.”
“Right. Sorry.” She swung her legs around to the foot of the bed and tapped her feet on the floor. “Guess I’m not aware of the difference.” Tension climbed up the back of her neck, crawling under her skin. She needed to get out of that hotel room. “I need to get some air.”
“You’re not leaving this room.”
Matt didn’t care that his words had pissed her off. At that point, they were both on edge. The trouble was, he’d had more experience waiting than she had. Well, that, and he didn’t believe everyone could be changed, deserved a second chance, or any of the other bull Erin did.
“Stuart’s had plenty of time to get here, don’t you think?” Erin changed the subject in that same controlled tone of voice.
“He’s traveling on his own time.” Her breath hissed out, making him look back at her. “What?”
“I hate when you do that.”
“Do what?” Before he asked the question, he knew her response was only going to start a fire they didn’t need at the moment. Or maybe they did. An explosion might be just what they needed to let them both breathe some clean air.
“Try to manage me. You don’t want me to know any more than I absolutely have to, so you speak in obscurities or riddles that don’t make sense.” She gave him a look leveled with scorn. “Since you got here, you’ve been feeding me information in droplets like I’m a piece of china you have to keep wrapped when all I’ve really asked for is the truth.”
His temper starting a slow climb, Matt tried to talk himself out of a confrontation, but hadn’t it been coming? Since the moment he’d walked into that coffee house, all roads had been leading to this moment. The time when they’d stab into the scars and make the wounds bleed again.
He turned to face her, taking in the heightened color on her cheeks. She’d gone into battle mode, too, making him wonder if it was intentional. Did she need the distraction? Or was she ready to remove the grafts that had only partially healed?
“The truth is your brother is a murderer, and they rarely operate on anyone’s timetable but their own.”
“Why did you come here?”
The question unsettled him. Hadn’t they already covered that? “To do my job.”
“There are hundred of guys who could do your job if catching Stuart was all this was about. You came because you wanted to see me or, rather, you wanted me to see you. Did you want the chance to throw my life off balance again?”
“Again?” Matt stalked toward her, the collar of his shirt tight against the veins bulging in his neck. “I wasn’t the one who threw it off balance before, Erin. That was your doing. You wanted the divorce. You wanted to separate yourself from everything that had anything to do with the life you had before your parents’ death. You chose to walk away. Not me.”

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Three Great Books That Will Make You a Better Nurse

Guest post by Jane Kramer

If you are a nurse, you know just how tough your job can be every single day. You work hard at helping others and making the sick feel well again. Therefore, you really deserve a lot of recognition, and you also deserve a much-needed break. Reading is a perfect way to pass the time. And when it comes to certain books, whether they are fiction or non-fiction, they are also a great way to venture into another character’s world while still being able to relate to that individual’s trials and successes.

Certain books have been written specifically with nurses in mind. If you want to find out what great books are out there for you to dive into that will make you an even better nurse when you are done with them, continue reading.

Bedlam Among the Bedpans: Humor in Nursing

Written by Amy Y. Young, this is the book that you will want to read if you need a little bit of comedy in your life and you want to make light of situations that are otherwise serious in the workplace. The book is a series of short stories that are easy to get through and very relatable. It does not matter what field of nursing you work in because you will find something funny in the pages of this great book. It will make you a better nurse simply by helping you smile, by allowing you to find humor even when you are stressed, and by giving you the opportunity to unwind when you need it most. Read it along with your fellow nurses so that you can all laugh along to the stories within it.

Notes on Nursing: What It Is and What It Is Not

This book was written by Florence Nightingale over 150 years ago, yet it is still surprisingly relevant even in the 21st century. Get this book for free online, and download it onto your e-reader to enjoy it even while you are working. It will provide you with great insight and remind you why you chose this noteworthy profession above all the rest.

Your 1st Year as a Nurse

This book was written by Donna Cardillo, RN, and even though its title makes you think it is only for brand new nurses and recent graduates, it is actually perfect for the experienced nurse as well. It contains tips on how to deal with bad days on the job, as well as a variety of real-life stories, and even some suggestions on how you can network both personally and professionally so that you can advance your career and be a happier nurse. It is a perfect go-to book when you are feeling alone in the nursing world and need to know that there are other people out there like you. You can revisit this book throughout your career, as necessary, to get yourself back on track whenever you are feeling like you are losing your way or getting close to being burned out.

Jane Kramer is a writer who wants to help those in the medical field achieve their goals. That’s why she enjoys providing tips that these professionals can use to advance their careers. If you’re seeking an MSN online program, you can find out more to determine how you can make more money doing what you love.

Photo by Produnis

The Hobbes Family by Dan O'Brien Book Tour

Welcome to the fifth day of the Hobbes Family blog tour. It will run until September 2nd and will feature excerpts and new author interviews each day. But first, here is the obligatory blurb about the novel to settle you into this strange world:

The world had ended abruptly and without warning. How will a family navigate a world that seems bent on destroying them? Follow them in this exciting new serial adventure.

A few questions for the author:

If today’s the end of the world, what’d you do?

Sit back and relax. What the hell am I supposed to do?

How do you fall in love? At first sight? Over a long period?

I fell in love over a period of time. When I met my wife, we were just friends and I didn't even think of her in that way. It took some time and changing my perspective to see what a wonderful, loving person she was.

What parts of loving come easy for you? Hard?

It all comes very easy now. In the beginning, I was emotionally insensitive. It is something that I worked on.

Here be an excerpt for your enjoyment:

It would be several days before Susanna could look Michael in the eyes. Thinking about the frightening look upon her husband’s face proved a startling reminder that humans were not far removed from a more primal ancestor. The television did not fade into static as was so often portrayed in apocalyptic moves, but instead progressively haggard-looking folks repeated what was more gossip than news. The infected––no one wanted to call them what they were––were steadily increasing. 

Hospitals could not contain the overflow.

Stories of people being attacked in the streets and cannibalism were rampant. Civilization broke not from the undead, but when the power and water stopped flowing. Two days after the faucets and showers no longer worked, people began to panic. Panic became hysteria; hysteria gave way to violence in the streets.

Northern California was not particularly large.

The Sacramento Valley could boast a million bodies if the capitol was lumped in with the small cities nestled behind mangroves and almond groves. San Francisco to the west was the first to disappear from the world; Sacramento did not fare much better. Smaller communities just to the north like Yuba City and Marysville were soon overrun with infected folks who were no more human than the world was flat.

Cities like Chico and Redding walked the fine line between being overrun and acting as potential safe havens. The Hobbes family had lived a quiet life a few miles east on highway 32 toward a little piece of Podunk called Chester. There, just before the bluffs and the Sierra Nevadas, their home had been a part of a tiny development.

Fall was still very much in bloom.

Pastel colors dashed trees.

The beauty of a place like Chico was that the man who had founded the town, Bidwell, had gathered trees from all over the country and lined the streets with them. This gave the small city a sense of wonder at any time of year. You might see palm trees and blue oaks growing across the street from one another––one blooming when the other was fading.

Long before the world was broken down into groaners and the Children, television anchors and “experts” blathered about the possible root cause of the infection. Some cited deregulation of packaged goods, genetic modifications to crops, and even the drinking water.

The cause was not what frightened people.

It was the process.

The slow degeneration of person to groaner began with an irregular fever and moved into cluster migraines that often caused blindness. The skin would lose its elasticity and moisture, and soon what had once been human was a snarling scarecrow bent on viciousness and mauling.

Michael loaded a few more items into a large duffel bag as Clara sat cross-legged in front of the television. If Susanna had been quiet and distant, his daughter might as well have been on the moon.

The man delivering the news had once been the weatherman, though the dark beard and bloodshot eyes hid the glamor of a previous time. There was talk that the news studio had fortified itself from the outside world. Iron gates and heavy doors had been knocked on and screamed at to no avail.

The newscaster rasped in an uneven tone: “Residents are being warned against journeying out on to the highways. 99 and 32 are backed up and the Skyway has been blocked off by overturned vehicles.”

Michael paused as he placed a heavy coat and a machete into the brown duffel bag. “Are you packed, baby girl?” he asked.

Clara nodded, but did not take her eyes off the screen.

The grating voice continued: “Martial law has been declared, but this has not stopped residents from fleeing the cities, seeking refuge in the bluffs and the mountains beyond.”

Bio: A psychologist, author, editor, philosopher, martial artist, and skeptic, he has published several novels and currently has many in print, including: The End of the World Playlist, Bitten, The Journey, The Ocean and the Hourglass, The Path of the Fallen, The Portent, and Cerulean Dreams. Follow him on Twitter (@AuthorDanOBrien) or visit his blog He recently started a consultation business. You can find more information about it here:

All of his books are only 99 cents on Kindle right now!

Download Hobbes Family for free on Kindle from 8/28 until 9/1!

Would you like to win a Kindle Fire?

Visit and follow the blog for a chance to win a Kindle Fire!

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Love Stinks! Review

Title: Love Stinks!
Authors: Douglas Rees, Vivi Barnes, Marni Bates, Eldritch Black, Karice Bolton, Rachel Clarke, Cecily Chase, Shanyn Day, Tara Gonzalez, Laurie McLean, Lynda K. Scott, Linda Wisdom, Carol Wolf
Genre: Romance - Young Adult
Pages: 176
Price: $4.99
Rating: 4 out 5 stars

Book Synopsis:

Love is magical. Love is amazing. But every once in a while love stinks! We’ve all been there. Heartbreak spawning crafty ideas of revenge. The “It’s not you, it’s me,” syndrome. Well, this book celebrates all those love-bumps along the great highway of life. Fourteen YA authors have come together to reveal the truth about the dark side of love that few people talk about. But with a lot of humor and a bit of mystery, you might not mind too much that LOVE STINKS!

LOVE STINKS! is the second anthology from tween/teen publisher Ambush Books. Featuring stories by Vivi Barnes (Olivia Twisted), Marni Bates (Awkward), Eldritch Black (Book of Kindly Deaths), Karice Bolton (the Witch Avenue and Watchers series), Naomi Canale, Cecily Chase (aka Cecily White…Prophecy Girl), Rachel Clarke, Shanyn Day, Tara Gonzalez, Laurie McLean, Doug Rees (Vampire High), Lynda K. Scott (Great Escapes B&B), Linda Wisdom (A Demon Does It Better) and Carol Wolf, (Summoning), LOVE STINKS! will take you on a roller coaster of red hot goodness that will make you laugh, cry and everything in between.


As with most short story collections that include different authors, I found that I really enjoyed some of the stories found in Love Stinks, but skipped over others. I think my favorite of the entire collection was The Bite by Karice Bolton. I also enjoyed Moonlit Prom by Lynda K. Scott as well as Love Bites by Rachel Clarke and Love Hurts by Linda Wisdom. Each of these stories had a paranormal spin, but there were also stories in the book that were contemporary romance. In other words, there's something for everyone in this book. Whether you're in high school or graduated years ago, you'll enjoy Love Stinks!

Snowy and Purry by Lady Grimoire - FREEBIE for Kids

Snowy and Purry by Lady Grimoire
FREE from August 29th - September 2nd, 2013

Purry is a sorcerer’s apprentice and lives in the magic cat village of Luna. The evil witch, Morbia, is a threat to the village, but the village is protected by a magic moon crystal. Morbia’s goal is to steal the crystal and misuse its magic to take over the world. A powerful protection bubble around the village stops her and at each full moon a ritual is held in the village to maintain protection for another month. The magic tomcat, Purry, is not allowed to participate in the full moon ritual because his mother, the village elder, believes that his magical powers are not yet good enough. She feels that it is just too dangerous to perform magic without complete control. Purry wants to prove to his mother that he is actually able to do magic and secretly practices in a barn. When he unintentionally conjures up a harp seal, he decides to use the crystal to send the seal back to Coldland, the land the seal came from. The protection around the village breaks down, but Purry does not realize that the magic protection has failed. This is just the moment the evil witch Morbia has long waited for …

Set me free by Jennifer Collin - $0.99 Goodie!

Set me free by Jennifer Collin

Disastrous love life aside, Charlotte Evans is rather content with her life. Her quaint little art gallery is plodding along nicely, and her sister Emily’s artistic career is about to take off, thanks to her tireless promotion. She even gets to see her best friend every day and drink his delicious coffee in the cafĂ© next door.

But when dastardly property developer Craig Carmichael comes along, threatening to demolish her gallery and take everything away, Charlotte has an unexpected fight on her hands. Not only is she battling to stop Craig’s development, she’s also struggling against the mysterious magnetic pull that has her on a collision course with Craig himself.

Craig Carmichael is fighting the Battle for Boundary Street on more than one front. The tenants of the building he wants to knock down are mounting a strong case against him and in a hot-headed moment he put his career on the line for a project that is threatening to fail. If the project doesn’t succeed he will lose everything, but for some reason he’s having trouble maintaining his focus.
As their worlds begin to unravel around them, anyone could win. It’s what they might lose that has Charlotte and Craig wondering what it is they really want.


'You are not walking me home, Craig.  You are not to come anywhere near my home,' Charlotte said adamantly, before storming off once more, her dancing shoes clicking along the pavement
'I can still follow you,' he called, and did.

'I can still call the police,' she threw back over her shoulder.

The threat was ignored, and halfway up the block she stopped to let him catch up.  Damn, he was persistent.

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A Demon and Her Scot by Eve Langlais


What do you get when you mix an ornery Scottish vampire with a mission-oriented lamia? A whole lot of sizzle and snark.

Genre: Paranormal/Demon/ Humorous Romance

An unlikely duo, the golfing match from Hell, and a devil determined to win, even if he has to cheat. Lucifer’s up to his matchmaking mischief again in this fast-paced, humorous jaunt into the bowels of the pit. Think you can handle the heat?

“Fetch me a Scot,” Lucifer commands. Sounds simple, except the skirt-wearing jerk won’t cooperate. But Aella isn’t one to give up. Willing or not, she delivers her target to the Lord of Sin. In retaliation, the much-too-sexy Scot has Aella assigned as his bodyguard for the golfing match from Hell.

One shot ruined Niall’s life. A second shot could help him regain it. Niall sold his soul once to win a lady’s heart only to end up betrayed. Does he dare take a risk and give love a second chance?

The Welcome to Hell series (is best read in order for full enjoyment of Lucifer and his ongoing matchmaking attempts):

  • Book 1 : A Demon And His Witch
  • Book 2 : A Demon And His Psycho
  • Book 2.5 : Date With Death
  • Book 3 : A Demon And Her Scot

    Excerpt:      She sneezed behind him. “Ever hear of a Swiffer?”
         Flinging open a cupboard, he grabbed at the linen stuffed inside, almost threadbare but dry. “Dusting is woman’s work.”
         “Showing your age again, old man.”
         He’d show her old. Whirling, he tossed a dry cloth at her and, as she caught it, undid the fastening to his soaked plaid. With a shrug, he dropped it to the floor.
         She ogled him, probably because he gave her something to ogle. Hands on his hips, erection jutting forth—a mighty one he’d not experienced in centuries—he smirked at her. “Does this look old to you?”
         “Ack! I’m blind. Old man dick alert. Cover it up.” She protested with her mouth, yet her eyes remained locked on his bare body. He swelled to an even mightier size. “Good grief. Just how big does that thing get? Should I duck and cover before it explodes?”
         “Do ye never stop talking? I swear, lass. Ye chatter enough to drive a man insane. If I were your husband, I’d gag you.” A subtle thrust of his hips let her know with what.
         She clamped her lips shut, but interestingly enough, she didn’t turn away. Nor did she blush. Brazen wench. Still naked, he strutted past her, feeling more than seeing her turn to watch as he knelt before the cold fireplace and tossed a few dry logs in. A strike of flint and he coaxed a flame to life.
         While he’d taunted her into silence, he found he missed the dulcet mockery of her voice. He also wondered what she did behind his back. Did she rub the coarse linen over her delicate-skinned body? Did she stand naked in his home? Her pussy still damp? Her mouth still defiant? Wearing only those decadent snakeskin boots?
         If his cock swelled any further, it would probably explode like she jested. Attempting to act casual, he turned around and almost groaned in regret as he noted the threadbare linen covering her, sarong style. The wet lump of her toga hit him in the chest.
         “Hang that by the fire, would you? I didn’t bring a spare, and I refuse to escort you back wearing a rag.” Head held high, her imperious tone and attitude begged an answer.
         “I am not your servant.” He flung her robe into the snapping flames at his back then smirked at her screech of rage as her toga sizzled.
         “What did you do that for?”
         “What part of I don’t have anything to wear did you not grasp, Scot?”
         “My name, lass, is Niall.”
         “And mine is Aella, not lass. Use it or—”
         “Or what?”
         “I’ll rip your tongue out and feed it to the carrion birds.”
         “I’d like to see ye try.” He dared her. Purposely. She growled, and her eyes narrowed to the merest slits. Her whole body vibrated with irritation.
         He’d never been so fucking turned on.
         With nothing to lose, he decided to see how far he could go. He tread toward her on bare feet, entering her personal space, crowding her. She held her ground, glaring, lips tight. He saw her hands tense at her sides, ready to respond to whatever threat he planned.
         But he had a different kind of assault in mind. One of his hands darted forward and clasped her by the wet ponytail hanging over her shoulder, and he yanked her to his bare chest before slanting his mouth over hers.
         For a moment, she held herself rigid as he let his lips slide over hers. Then, she bit him, hard enough to draw blood. He chuckled softly. “So ye like it rough? Lucky for both of us, so do I.”
  • Tuesday, August 27, 2013

    3 Steps for Collecting Comics

    Guest Post by Stephen Hamilton

    I just finished looking through my comics a few hours ago, and started to reflect on all the things I’ve picked up since I have started collecting. A common misconception is that there is not a whole lot that goes into collecting comics and people just leave them stacked in their parents attic. This goes more along the lines of hoarding and is not a good idea for anyone looking to earn back some of the money they have spent on purchasing comic books. There are a few things to keep in mind when collecting comics that I would advise anyone to consider to avoid wasting money.

    1. Timing

    Collecting comic books is kind of like watching the stock market. At times, comics can only be worth what you paid for them, or worse, less; and can skyrocket in price the next day or week. It is important to “catalog” or look through and price your collection every few months just to make sure you know what your collection is worth. Knowing when to buy and sell can help you double or even triple the amount of what you have put into your collection.

    2. Know what “value” is

    At times I find myself buying things that only I like, which is great because that is the whole point of collecting comics; but for someone looking to make a bit of profit in the process, it is important to know what “good” comics look like. The main comic book companies to look out for are Marvel, DC, Image, and Vertigo; and it is important to keep an eye out for the more popular artists and writers for any upcoming things they may be working on.  When collecting new comics, ALWAYS (I cannot stress enough) get the first edition copy of a number 1 in a series because that is usually the one that will go up in price first. It is a very bad feeling when a number 1 goes up to the hundred or thousand dollar range and knowing you could have gotten it for three bucks.

    3. Protection

    As most investments, proper handling and storage of comic books are priority number 1. There are many different bags, boards, boxes, folders, and cases that can be used to safely store comics while they are in your possession. Comics should be sealed and safely stored away in specially sized cardboard boxes away from moisture and humidity to prevent and damage from occurring. Since comics are printed on paper, the plastic bags are used to prevent the paper from fading or discoloring and the boards are to ensure the pages stay unwrinkled and maintain a nice crease. When you get into having comics in the thousand dollar range, companies such as Smith Security can protect your home and make sure your comics are safe from theft. I read an article the other day that the value of Action Comics number 1 featuring Superman first printed in 1938 jumped from $300,000 to $1.5 million! That’s insane! With things like the adaptation of comics becoming movies and television shows, the value of comics increasing is becoming a more frequent thing.

    These are just a few tips I have for anyone considering getting into collecting comics. There is so much in this hobby that goes on behind the scenes that most people do not understand, but can be very fun and exciting once you get really into it. With the advancement of technology, it's nice to sit back every now and then and have things like comic books to remind me of the simple things in life. The hand drawn artwork and creative stories are what drew me to comics in the first place, and by hopefully by collecting them I will have a bit of my childhood to pass along to my children.

    About The Author: Stephen Hamilton is a writer for Smith Monitoring. He is an avid gamer, movie buff, musician, and comic collector

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    Tangled Beauty by K.L. Middleton Review

    Title: Tangled Beauty
    Author: K.L. Middleton
    Genre: Contemporary Romance
    Pages: 285
    Price: FREE
    Rating: 5 out 5 stars

    Book Synopsis:

    Sinclair Jeffries thought she knew what she was getting into when her zany, gay friend, Jesse Eddington, talked her into portraying his girlfriend during his parent's anniversary party on Huntington Beach. That is, until she met Reed, Jesse's sexy as hell older brother, and ends up getting much more than what she'd bargained for.

    Reed Eddington assumed his future was settled until he met Sinclair, his brother's so-called "girlfriend", but the raw, sexual tension between them is hard to ignore. As he watches their ruse from the sidelines, he finds himself wanting to uncover more than just their amusing little facade.

    This is book ONE of my new series, Tangled. Each book will feature a different couple and their steamy romance. You will also get a chance to revisit previous characters, to see how their relationships have weathered.

    Due to sexual content and heavy subject matter, this book is recommended for ages 18+

    Cover by


    I absolutely LOVED this book. Not only was it an amazing romance, but it was like reading an episode of Criminal Minds (one of my favorite crime shows). K.L. Middleton is amazingly talented. I started reading this book at 5AM this morning and couldn't put it down! There's great chemistry between the characters, great sex scenes, and suspense that will blow your mind. I highly recommend this book and cannot wait to read more from this author.

    Sunday, August 25, 2013

    Tangled Beauty by K.L. Middleton Excerpt

    Tangled Beauty by K.L. Middleton

    Sinclair Jeffries thought she knew what she was getting into when her zany, gay friend, Jesse Eddington, talked her into portraying his girlfriend during his parent's anniversary party on Huntington Beach. That is, until she met Reed, Jesse's sexy as hell older brother, and ends up getting much more than what she'd bargained for.

    Reed Eddington assumed his future was settled until he met Sinclair, his brother's so-called "girlfriend", but the raw, sexual tension between them is hard to ignore. As he watches their ruse from the sidelines, he finds himself wanting to uncover more than just their amusing little facade.

    This is book ONE of my new series, Tangled. Each book will feature a different couple and their steamy romance. You will also get a chance to revisit previous characters, to see how their relationships have weathered.

    Due to sexual content and heavy subject matter, this book is recommended for ages 18+

    Cover by


    Chapter One

    “Have you heard the news yet?” asked Tiffany.
    We were in the back of the salon, mixing hair color.
    “What news?” I asked, trying to brush a loose strand of hair away from my eyes without getting any powder in them.
    “Judy sold the shop.”
    I raised my head and stared at her in horror. “What? When?”
    “I guess the deal was finalized last night. She sold it to some guy from L.A.”
    “So, are we getting shut down?”
    “No. Nothing’s changing but the ownership. She sold it to one of her friend’s sons so she could retire.”
    I heaved a sigh of relief. “Jesus, you scared the hell out of me. I don’t know what I’d do if Tangled was shut down.”
    “Me neither. Anyway, I cannot wait to meet the owner,” gushed the pretty nineteen-year-old. “Judy says he’s freaken’ hot and that we’re all going to love him. He’ll be here on Monday.”
    “Huh,” I said, stirring the color. It would be nice having another guy in the shop. I wondered if he knew anything about hair or if he was gay. Many times, it went hand-in-hand.
    “Is that the color your customer wants?” she asked, pointing towards the swatch I was examining. “It’s going to be quite a change for her.”
    I stared at the bright red lock and nodded. “I’ve tried talking her out of it but she keeps insisting.”
    Tiffany picked up her bowl of color and turned to leave. “Well, good luck with that.”
    I snorted. “I’ll need more than luck.”
    My customer, Mrs. Lancaster, was a thick-jowled, heavyset lady in her fifties; a woman who was normally very conservative. Today, she’d brought in a picture of a twenty-something celebrity who had long, vibrant, red hair, and wanted that same color. Unfortunately, on Mrs. Lancaster, it was going to look like a crime scene.
    “Okay,” I said, after returning to my station. “You’re certain that this is the color?” I asked, holding out the brightly colored strands. 
    “Yes, dear,” she said, touching the sample lovingly between her fingers. “I want that exact color. I know it’s going to be just lovely.”
    I forced a smile. “Okay, then. Let’s do this.”
    “Oh, no…oh no, you did not just do that!” hollered Felicia from across the salon.
    I turned around and stared at the little old man sitting in Felicia’s chair, a huge shit-eating grin on his face.
    “Oh, my God,” apologized a well-to-do older woman sitting in a chair beside them. “I am so sorry. Henry! You have to behave yourself!”
    “No, I’m sorry,” said Felicia, setting down the scissors. “I am not cutting this old man’s hair if he’s going put his mouth on me. Hell no.”
    It was then that I noticed the front of Felicia’s hot-pink T-shirt. There was a wet spot on her right boob.
    “Henry, did you hear that? You have to behave yourself!” scolded the woman. She turned to Felicia. “I am so sorry. My brother suffers from Alzheimer’s and doesn’t always know what he’s doing.”
    I watched the delight in the old man’s watery blue eyes and there was no doubt in my mind that he knew exactly what he’d done. Felicia was a very top-heavy woman and her breasts sometimes got in the way. She’d even cut my hair once and I was lucky not to walk away with two black eyes.
    Felicia picked up her scissors. “Okay, but if he touches me again,” she narrowed her eyes. “I’m gonna cut more than his hair.”
      “Oh, my Lord,” whispered my customer. “This is better than daytime television.”
    I grinned. “You can say that again.”
    To me, it was just another day at Tangled. I’d seen everything, heard everything, and it was what kept me coming back to work every morning. I loved my job, loved my coworkers, and wouldn’t trade it for the world.
    Fortunately, Henry kept his hands and mouth to himself for the rest of his appointment with Felicia, while I finished coloring and styling Mrs. Lancaster’s hair. When it was finished, I turned her back towards the mirror, and held my breath as we stared at the results.
    “What do you think?” I asked.
    “Oh, my God…it looks fabulous!” she beamed.
    I sighed with relief. It still looked shockingly bright to me, but if she liked it, that was all that mattered.
    “You look like a new woman,” I said, spritzing her hair with hairspray.
    She patted the side of her hair fondly. “Mr. Lancaster’s idea, actually. He has always adored redheads.”
    I stared at my own auburn hair in the mirror’s reflection and wondered if he’d meant something a little more subtle than the ‘Ronald McDonald’ color she’d selected.
    She grabbed my hand and pulled me closer. “Tell me,” she whispered. “Do you do pubes, as well?”
    “Ah, no,” I whispered back. “You’re on your own down there.”
    She bit her lower lip. “Oh, shoot. Maybe I’ll just shave it off.”
    I opened my mouth to reply, but then changed my mind. I certainly did not want to continue that particular conversation.
    After she’d paid and left, I rushed to clean my station. I had the weekend off and was going to be spending it on Huntington Beach. I still had a lot of packing to do before the trip and couldn’t wait to get started. It was the first time I’d had an entire weekend off in months.
    “At least that old geezer gave me a decent tip,” declared Felicia, holding up a stack of bills.
    “I still can’t believe he did that,” giggled Tiffany. “What a crazy old coot!”
    She nodded and shoved the money into her bra. “The worst thing is, I haven’t had that much action for almost two months. And then, to get my titty sucked by a toothless old white man?” she clapped her hands and laughed heartily.  “Lord, have mercy!”
    “Two months?” I snorted. “That’s nothing. It’s been over a year for me.”
    Her eyes widened. “A year? Girl, next time Henry makes an appointment, we’ll make sure you get him.”

    Saturday, August 24, 2013

    The Painted Veil by Susan Carroll Review

    Title: The Painted Veil
    Author: Susan Carroll
    Genre: Historical Romance
    Pages: 374
    Price: $4.99
    Rating: 5 out 5 stars

    Book Synopsis:

    A murderous scoundrel called the Hook terrorizes London, obliging residents to keep close to home after dark. But Lady Anne Fairhaven is forced to brave the night as she searches for her stolen child. To recover her daughter, Anne must strike a bargain with the devil himself, the wicked and seductive Lord Mandell, a man battling demons of his own.


    I usually read romantic comedy or contemporary romance when I'm in the mood for a love story, but I also really enjoy historical romances, especially when they're done right. The Painted Veil by Susan Carroll is definitely done right. From the first line, you're whisked away to a cold, foggy London scene and once you get wrapped up in this book, it's hard to put it down. Those that live for books that are written in a way that you can see the landscape, smell the air, and even taste the foods, will love Susan Carroll. 

    Deadly Halloween - Short Stories by Sole e Luna

    Deadly Halloween - Short Stories by Sole e Luna
    $0.99 or FREE for Prime Members

    We apologize for any inconvenience experienced by our valued readers. The original text was in German and subsequently translated from German into English; however, it turns out that the translation had many errors. We have now had a native English speaker edit and improve our document and we are happy to make available this updated version. Many thanks to Jessica Sloan for her editing assistance!


    In every city of Germany, the horror and fear of Halloween has become reality. An ancient curse has risen and only witches can bring an end to the terror.

    The Mambo's Knife

    For his birthday on Halloween, Ralph is given money from his parents. When he finds a knife in a strange shop, he knows that he has found the perfect present. But is it really?


    The haze between the worlds is lifted on Halloween. And so the demon, Gurz, comes into the human world on a mission to kill, but instead finds the love of his life.

    Thursday, August 22, 2013

    How to Turn On a Tired Housewife by Amanda Robins

    How To Turn On A Tired Housewife by Amanda Robins
    $1.99 or FREE for Prime Members

    Housewives! Entertainment Has Arrived!

    • Are you sick of your husband’s misguided attempts to make you feel sexy?

    • Are you tired of asking your husband to show you a little respect?

    • Are you fed up with sounding like an old nagging wife?

    • Do you want something to bring a little laughter to the endless mundane chores you face every day?

    If you answered YES this is the book for you!

    Filled with insightful Dos and Hilarious Don’ts all brought to life through cartoons. “How To Turn On A Tired Housewife” will brighten your day and give your husband a look into what makes a woman tick.

    Garfield's Guide to Everything by Jim Davis

    Garfield's Guide to Everything by Jim Davis

    In Garfield’s Guide to Everything, the philosophizing fat cat weighs in on a whole kit and caboodle of subjects, from ecology to astrology, Shakespeare to stupidity. Sleep — “The best 18 hours of my day” Coffee — “Mother Nature’s Jumper Cables” Dogs — “They contain 90% of the world’s drool supply.” Love — “”…is splitting the last piece of pizza.” Exercise — “My favorite spectator sport.” Mondays — “The armpit of days.” Golf — “That’s Scottish for ‘AAARGH!’.”

    Grumpy Cat: A Grumpy Book

    Grumpy Cat: A Grumpy Book

    Internet sensation Grumpy Cat's epic feline frown has inspired legions of devoted fans. Celebrating the grouch in everyone, the Grumpy Cat book teaches the fine art of grumpiness and includes enough bad attitude to cast a dark cloud over the whole world. Featuring brand new as well as classic photos, and including grump-inspiring activities and games, Grumpy Cat delivers unmatched, hilarious grumpiness that puts any bad mood in perspective.

    All By My Selves: Walter, Peanut, Achmed, and Me by Jeff Dunham

    All By My Selves: Walter, Peanut, Achmed, and Me by Jeff Dunham

    "The most popular standup comic in the U.S." --Time

    Whether he's breathing life into Walter, an old curmudgeon; Peanut, an over-caffeinated purple maniac; or Achmed, a screaming, skeletal, dead terrorist, comedian and ventriloquist Jeff Dunham is the straight man to some of the wildest, funniest partners in show business.

    All By My Selves is the story of one pretty ordinary guy, one interesting hobby, one very understanding set of parents, and a long and winding road to becoming America's favorite comedian. With wit, honesty, and lots of great show business detail, Dunham shares all the major moments in his journey to worldwide fame and success.

    Comic Relief: Why a Little Humor Can Go a Long Way in Keeping You Upbeat

    You've had a bad day. Maybe you got a parking ticket, or had an argument with a co-worker. Maybe you woke up to find that your roommate ate the last of your favorite cereal. Sometimes it's the little things that can throw your mood - and your whole day - off balance. While it can be easy to get hung up on the little things, it's never healthy in the long run. Choosing to pair a positive outlook with a side order of humor will help you navigate these situations with ease. In fact, there are three interesting reasons why a sense of humor can change your mood when the going gets tough.

    Endorphins - The Natural Painkiller

    Having a good chuckle has benefits that go far beyond that moment in time. The simple act of laughing or smiling increases endorphin and dopamine levels in the brain. In turn, this elevates your mood and leaves you feeling better. In a study conducted by an evolutionary psychologist at Oxford, Robin Dunbar, it was found that participants had an increased pain threshold when they were laughing versus when they were not. This is because the brain produces endorphins, which act as a natural painkiller. It's amazing to think that having a sense of humor and laughing really could be the best medicine!

    Minimizing Stress Levels

    Stress can have terrible effects on the body, including hypertension, high blood pressure and weight gain, that can deteriorate our quality of life and have serious implications for our future well being. The pace of modern life, demands at work and other commitments can lead to living a very stressful life. But keeping your stress level in check might be easier than you think. Research from the Mayo Clinic has shown that laughing stimulates circulation, which can aid in muscle relaxation. When muscles are able to relax, stress levels in the body are able to decrease. "After you laugh, you go into a relaxed state," says John Morreall, president of HUMORWORKS Seminars. "Your blood pressure and heart rate drop below normal, so you feel profoundly relaxed." If you can't find the humor in your situation, try reading funny quotes or watching a comedy.

    Sparking Creativity to Increase Self-Esteem

    Being creative is one of those small acts that can boost your self-esteem and your ego. According to Dr. William Fry M.D. - a humor guru from Stanford University - humor and creativity work in similar ways. "They both involve bringing together two items which do not have an obvious connection, and creating a relationship," says Dr. Fry. In exercising a sense of humor you will naturally exercise your creative muscles. Maybe Charlie Chaplin did have it right when he said, "A day without laughter is a day wasted." The benefits of humor go far beyond improving your mood. They may even improve your quality of life. Next time you find yourself in a stressful situation, remember these three ways that humor can turn it around and you'll be smiling in no time.

    Photo by Anokha

    Wednesday, August 21, 2013

    MetaDeath by J. Biggs

    MetaDeath by J. Biggs

    This may or may not be the Greatest Novel Ever Written.

    Something Evil is taking place at a book fair. Sinister forces prepare to destroy Literature As We Know It. Only a motley group of writers can defeat this impending doom, but first they have to figure out who the protagonist is.

    Dealing with the ghost also might help. Cooking up 200 pounds of hash into brownies definitely won't help. Figuring out why there's a body in the men's room would be a plus.

    Cut off from human civilization by a freak storm, the writers will have to face their worst fears in the form of a senior submissions editor. Even if they succeed, the only way to survive may be to dance to the end of love...
    Also; Bob is real.

    MetaDeath is NOT about a conspiracy to release an ancient evil upon an unsuspecting world, where a sisterhood of elite government assassins engage sinister, supernatural forces in an electric courtroom duel that features quirky, small-town secrets and oddball characters led by a beguiling-yet-forbidden young woman and the man-of-her-dreams who, once again the Prime Suspect, fights to clear his name with the help of their brilliant-barrister-friend Oliver Rathbone ...and alien invaders are also discovered.

    Mondays with Mephistopheles: 9am - Rhys by Dan O'Brein Book Tour

    Welcome to the fourth day of the Mondays with Mephistopheles: 9am - Rhys blog tour. It will run until August 9th and will feature excerpts and new author interviews each day. But first, here is the obligatory blurb about the novel to settle you into this strange world:

    Abraham Rogers has an unusual psychotherapy practice: monsters. This first installment is a session with Rhys, the IT vampire who can’t quite connect with the modern world the way he would like.

    A few questions for the author:

    What do you want from life?

    To achieve my goals. I have been moving in that direction and it feels good to stay determined and persevere. I keep making new goals, which will make sure that I am always pursing something. I just want to continue doing what I want to do....

    If you were granted three wishes, what would you ask for?

    Is an infinite number of wishes on the table? If so, then that. Otherwise, wisdom, patience, and clarity.

    What three things would you take to a Desert Island?

    My Kindle with all of my books (I can fashion a charging station out of a pineapple. Don't believe me? Search YouTube), my wife, and my survival bag.

    Here be an excerpt for your enjoyment:

    Abe knew that Rhys suffered from Seasonal Affective Disorder, though it was more likely a bout of generalized anxiety tied to some kind of recent drama. 

    It had taken Abe several sessions to become accustomed to the idiosyncratic behavior of the moody child of the night. As a psychologist he was supposed to remain composed, but the first few sessions bordered on frightening. 

    Rhys had on more than one occasion threatened him with bloodletting if he continued down a particular course of questioning. This passed as the vampire soon revealed his aversion to the sight of blood and the passion with which he dreaded violence. 

    “What of social engagements?”

    Rhys collected himself before speaking. “In 400 years I have bedded many women, but Eileen was different. She was unfettered by my flights of sorrow. At first she thought it was going to be blood and bondage, but she soon saw that we are just bored with this world.”

    “We have not spoken of Eileen in some time, Rhys. Have you done what I suggested?”

    “Go out and meet people. Are you quite mad?”

    Abe and Rhys came to this point often. “You came to me because you wished to overcome some of your fears, some of the things that were holding you back. You asked me to treat you as any other patient because the alienation and loneliness was at the very center of your concerns.”

    Rhys nodded and motioned with his hands. “Do not get flustered. I recall what I said.”

    “Very good. So have you?”

    “I created a profile on one of this computer dating sites. That is not how a man met a woman in my time.”

    Abe smiled. “Things have indeed changed.”

    “I get these messages from women wondering if I am a goth or if I am an Anne Rice fan. I find the process disgusting.”

    “Disgusting how?”

    “I am not a literary character beholden to some novelist somewhere.”

    “Do you take offense to the portrayal of your kind in the media? In fiction?”

    Rhys leaned back into the couch, his reed-like frame consumed by the cushions. “Not all of them. Stoker did not terribly displease me. I prefer Mrs. Rice’s portrayal of my people, even if we are not as refined and romantic as the masses would hope. These sparkly, brooding types obsessed with teenagers paint us as horny men incapable of satiating our lust for youth. A terrible literary metaphor if I have ever seen one.”

    Bio: A psychologist, author, editor, philosopher, martial artist, and skeptic, he has published several novels and currently has many in print, including: The End of the World Playlist, Bitten, The Journey, The Ocean and the Hourglass, The Path of the Fallen, The Portent, and Cerulean Dreams. Follow him on Twitter (@AuthorDanOBrien) or visit his blog He recently started a consultation business. You can find more information about it here:

    All of his books are only 99 cents on Kindle right now!

    Download Mondays with Mephistopheles for free on Kindle from 8/21 until 8/25!

    Would you like to win a Kindle Fire?

    Visit and follow the blog for a chance to win a Kindle Fire!

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