Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Kikkoh - The Gnome's Trap by C.J. Charlie - FREEBIE!

Kikkoh - The Gnome's Trap (Guardians of Har) by C.J. Charlie
FREE - 8/6/2013

If you like fantasy books, check out this free kindle book (time limited promotion – so hurry!)

Kikkoh is a Sky Sentinel and in his corner of the Woods, where he lives, life is good and carefree. No one is as skilled as Kikkoh at gossiping and collecting shiny treasures, but little does he know that the old human adage “not all that glitters is gold” is about to turn into a very dark truth for him. Faced with the threat of annihilation and the disappearance of his friends, Kikkoh is neither warrior nor wizard, and some say he’s just a bird who speaks. What can he ever do to help? However, Kikkoh sees every challenge his own way and instead of surrendering to what seems an inevitable fate, he jumps – literally – into the biggest adventure of his life. Now, it is Evil’s turn to try and withstand the might of a very unlikely hero.

Set in the Guardians of Har fantasy universe, this short novel will take you on an original fantasy adventure with Kikkoh the Sky Sentinel. For those new to the Guardians of Har universe the book includes setting information introducing readers to this exciting world.

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