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20 SUMthing Landlord, Because Work is Overrated by Joe Donlon

20 SUMthing Landlord, Because Work is Overrated by Joe Donlon
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The 20 SUMthing Landlord is a no holds barred assault on the traditional idea of what a full time real estate investor really does. The author speaks freely and unapologetically about his experiences in the real estate world. He describes his day to day activities and how he accomplishes what many people would only dream of - Retirement and Financial Security before age 30! Getting out of the corporate machine before it has had a chance to chew you up and spit you out is not impossible. This book is a refreshing break from professionalism to realism with a Do Now and Apologize Later attitude that will help you bulldoze through obstacles. He shares his first-hand experience to illustrate the good, the bad and the ridiculous. Joe Donlon takes you from soup to nuts in this outrageous, true chronicle of the life of a full time 20 SUMthing landlord.


Welcome to 20 Sumthing Landlord

. If you’re reading this, then I assume you’ve come to a harsh reality.

They fuckin lied to us! Growing up I was always told

that if you work hard and go to college, you’ll get a good job and

you’ll be successful. You play by the rules and everything will

work out in the end.

What a load of crap!

The truth is, if right now you are in your twenties, then you

graduated at the worst time in history when it comes to getting a

job. Save maybe the great depression.

I graduated from college in 2008/2009 and the best job that I

could get right out of college was making 15 dollars an hour as a

customer service representative for a major electronics company,

which came with the benefit of getting screamed at by customers

who were pissed that their TV stopped working. I had a 30-minute

break for lunch and was able to take 3 minutes in between calls to

summarize them and get back on the phone. Ironically I went to

college for medicine. My official degree is a bachelors of science

in health studies.

After paying my rent and student loan debt, I was broke.

I had more money when I was a student in college. At least in

and there are always student prices or special prices for kids in

school. After you graduate, you’re fucked.

I was basically living in hell. In fact, I imagine that hell has

better hours, or at least better pay, not to mention free heat and

hot water.

So what was the big thing no one mentioned about college

when we were in high school? The spirit crushing and debilitating

loan payments!

You were probably told just like I was that if you get good

grades in high school, you will get into a good college. If you get

good grades in college, you will get a good job. If you get a good

job, you will make lots of money and live happily ever after. This

simple “follow the rules” principle that we grew up on betrayed

us. The motto that we grew to know as “the way of life” was

merely the way to a life of debt and poverty.

My loan payments were literally 60% of my monthly income.

How the fuck are you supposed to live off of 40% of just above

minimum wage? It doesn’t happen.

Old people think our generation is lazy, with a sense of

entitlement. Well, who the fuck gave us the entitlement? They

did! We’re not lazy; we’re unmotivated, discouraged and fucking

pissed off. We’ve been preparing our whole lives to get out in the

world and make something of it. But what we’ve found is that

there are no jobs and if there are, the pay sucks, the hours are

worse, and one month of health insurance costs about a week’s

worth of pay. There is no light at the end of the tunnel. It’s gone

because someone didn’t pay the fuckin bill.

Fortunately, I’ve discovered what I feel is a way out. I’m not

this was the way. We are meant to be fucking awesome; we’ve

been bred for it, so let’s stop eating shit and move on up.

The purpose of this book is to show people what this life is like.

This life is fuckin awesome and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

You meet the craziest bunch of assholes this side of the padded

wall. There are no rules. I can literally spend an entire day in a

flowered robe with pink bunny slippers and no one can tell me

different. I can swear like a fucking truck driver and anyone who

doesn’t like it can go fuck themselves. I can dye my hair purple

and tattoo my hands. I can take days or weeks off at a clip to

go snowboarding, surfing, spend a couple of weeks down in the

tropics, or play video games till my thumbs fall off. I go out six

nights a week because not only can I afford to so do, but I can also

sleep until 11 am every day.

This is the life we were meant for, the one we envisioned. Not

slaves to industry, 9 to 5, for 40 years. Fuck that! You realize that

life in prison is only 25 years? Killing someone actually gets you

less of a sentence (and better healthcare) then going to college

now. Fuck social security! Fuck getting old! Fuck your boss! He’s

an asshole, your benefits are shit!

You have the choice. You can do what they say for the rest of

your life or you can retire within a few years. Re-fuckin-tire! I’m

not talking 65, I’m talking 35. I’m talking young enough to still

kick ass and take names.

Personally, I retired at the age of 23. I hung up the suit, hating

my boss, the 30 minute lunch break, the alarm clock, the six cups

of coffee, the unnecessary weight gain, the misery, the shitty

healthcare, the shittier 401K plan, and bounced. So break free,

fuck off, have fun. You are closer to death now then you have

ever been. It’s time you started acting like it.

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