Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Winterbourne by Susan Carroll Excerpt

Winterbourne by Susan Carroll

In a desperate move to resist the advances of the tyrant King John, beautiful young Lady Melyssan claims to be married to the king's worst enemy, Lord Jaufre de Macy, the legendary Dark Knight without Mercy. Seeking shelter at Jaufre's abandoned Castle Winterbourne, Melyssan is unprepared for the angry warrior who returns to expose her deception. Jaufre is a man as harsh and unforgiving as the Welsh borderland he rules, but Melyssan knew him from a time long ago when he was her champion, gentle and chivalrous. Melyssan must strive to find her way back into Jaufre's heart before they are both destroyed by the wrath of a vengeful king. Winterbourne is a classic historical romance by Susan Carroll, author of The Bride Finder and The Dark Queen series.


Leaning against the coarse stone of the fireplace, Melyssan struggled to her feet. As she did so, Jaufre's gaze dropped to the ground and then she thought she understood. The robe had fallen back, exposing her twisted foot. Bitterness edged her voice. "That is why you are sending me away. You've learned to pity me the same as the rest of them."
Jaufre clenched his teeth. "You are wrong. I pity you not. But I wish to God you had some pity for me."
"I would happily take pity upon you, my lord. Command me what you will.” She moved closer, allowing the robe to slip down her shoulders.
"Stop it," he snapped. "I have no wish to dishonor you."
“And if I think it no shame?"
"Then I have confused you with my damned cynicism.” He edged past her. "I never believed in the angels until I met you. But you are one of them, and I won't destroy you.-
In a panic, she saw that he was going, robbing her of her last chance of ever being loved by him. She hobbled after him, placing herself between him and the door.
"I'm not any kind of a saint,” she cried. "Look at me. I am but a woman."

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