Friday, October 11, 2013

Cannot Unite (Vampire Assassin League #12) by Jackie Ivie

Cannot Unite (Vampire Assassin League #12) by Jackie Ivie


KayNan’s a barbarian from the darkest of ages. An ex-slave. Fighter. Killer. His past is steeped in despair and punishment. He’s brutal. Remorseless. Scarred. Centuries of a living death only cemented these traits. And then something happens. Something vast. Incalculable. Amazing. And totally unexpected…


Jeannette lives a structured life – staying well within the confines of her own rules. She never speaks of her gifts. Never harms. And never. Ever. Speaks to the dead. As a psychic, the rules are the only thing protecting her. Keeping her safe. Sane. Off the grid.


The moment she’s recruited to assist a murder case, Jeannette’s rules are tested. Then shoved aside. She’s overwhelmed with emotions. Feelings. Cravings. For him. The creature that she knows is coming…
For her.

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