Thursday, October 24, 2013

Free Kindle Books for Halloween

Halloween is a week away. If you're looking for some last minute reads, grab one of these free Kindle books!

The Trick-or-Treaters by Damon Young

Tara has decided that she's not going to play along the night that everyone else runs out into the dark, dressing up in costumes to find goodies. But the little ghouls & goblins who come knocking this year are not looking for candy and sweets and everything nice this Halloween. And just because she's not at home doesn't mean they won't find her....

Ghosts and Other Dead Things by Elizabeth Archer

Twelve stories of ghosts and other dead beings. Some scary, some funny, all exploring the boundaries between humans and ghosts, and the frightening occasions when one world overlaps the other.

All proceeds from this book are being donated to a spay/neuter animal rescue program.

Night Terrors by R.W. Mitchell

When the lights go out the NIGHT TERRORS come out to play!
For children who love a scary story this fun filled picture story book will fill them with spooky pleasures!
Ever wondered what happens when the lights go out? Then read this book about Dust Goblins, Vampires, Red Eyed Creatures and the dreaded Night Terrors themselves!
The perfect spooky book to read under the covers!

From the author of 'Monster Babies' & 'Space Babies'.

The Last Ride of the Knight Street Posse by Edwardo Morton

Four grade school friends -- Billy, Justin, Luis and Ed -- all lived on the same block on Knight Street growing up.

Through thick-and-thin, they remained friends for life.

After watching "Young Guns" on the television set, when they were about 9 or 10 years old, they decided they wanted to be like "Billy the Kid" and the "Regulators" posse. They wanted to fight for what was right and good, and they wanted to help others.

They remained tight through college, then they went into the world, took jobs, and married. All of the guys had kids except for Billy, who was always the wild one in the bunch.

Unfortunately, at the age of 31, Billy was killed in a motorcycle accident.

Billy's funeral was held on Halloween day in 2011, and the remaining members of the posse went to his graveside after the funeral, sat around Billy's freshly-buried grave, drank beer and swapped stories about Billy's life.

After several hours of drinking and reminiscing, the night took an odd twist, so odd that the three remaining members of the posse were forced to dig up Billy's casket to see what was inside.

Told from the perspective of Ed, this story shares the humorous side of Billy's life, and it shares the horrifying reason why three friends would dig up their recently deceased friend.

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