Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Murdermobile by B.B. Cantwell Review

Title: Murdermobile
Series: A Portland Bookmobile Mystery, Book 1
Author: B.B. Cantwell
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Pages: 198
Price: $2.99
Rating: 5 out 5 stars

Book Synopsis:

It’s pre-“Portlandia” Portland, when bookmobiles still roamed the Earth. When the retired head librarian is found dead in the City Library’s bookmobile, it’s no longer business as usual for fiery-haired librarian-on-wheels Hester Freelove McGarrigle. Does the murder have something to do with the wacko book-banning group with which the old woman was entangled? It’s up to Hester and her dishy, trail-running, pizza-obsessed neighbor, Detective Nate Darrow, to chase clues all over Oregon’s quirky Rose City. Their mutual connection with Nathaniel Hawthorne, along with Hester’s upchucking Maine Coon cat, build the romantic fizz in this cozy mystery spiked with humor and an authentic Northwest sense of place. Fasten your seatbelt -- and hold tight to your armload of books -- for the flash-bang ending high atop Crown Point in the spectacular Columbia River Gorge. Want great literature? Read "War and Peace." Want a rollicking good read for a weekend or vacation? Try this debut novel from one of Portland’s last bookmobile librarians and her travel-writer husband, writing together under the pen name B.B. Cantwell.


Murdermobile was a cozy mystery that immediately caught my eye. After all, if there's one thing book lovers love it's books about books. The idea of a murder that happens in a bookmobile was so unique that I had to read this amazing book by B.B. Cantwell. Not only did I absolutely adore the characters, but the book had all the elements of a wonderful cozy mystery - pets, a love interest, and great friends/secondary characters. What I really loved about this book though was that it broached the subject of banning books and how some groups go too far to get their message heard. If you love books, and cozy mysteries, you're going to love Murdermobile by B.B. Cantwell.

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