Monday, October 14, 2013

Now or Forever (Vampire Assassin League #14) by Jackie Ivie

Now or Forever (Vampire Assassin League #14) by Jackie Ivie


Leonard Griggins knows vampires. Knows them well. As VAL’s Covert Op Specialist, he’s used to their idiosyncrasies. Anything they need a human for, Len is their man. And anything to do with a vampire, he’s not touching. The last thing he wants or needs is a vampire mate, regardless of how his entire body craves her.


Tassanee is a vampire with a certain skill set. Indoctrinated within the harem in the arts of how to sexually stimulate a man, but clueless to what that really involves, she’s not looking for a mate at all…especially if he’s a man with such a large chip on his shoulder.


Len’s got his hands full. And worst of all he knows it. But there’s not a woman around that will put up with him. Tassanee fires his blood. Stirs his senses. Making him think that even if she kills him later, it might be worth every moment…

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